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Woke Incorrect use of Mathematical Concepts


Mathematical correctness is necessary for effective communication to convey meaning accurately. Patterns help us understand meaning and context. Meanings of words and phrases are based on their definitions, which are often precise and mathematical in nature. Bullshit is recognizable because it lacks pattern. Truthful statements are often consistent because they follow logical patterns. 

On top of its dangerous influence, gender ideology is mathematically incorrect because it ignores the biological reality of sex and attempts to redefine basic mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction. 

For example, proponents of gender ideology often argue that biological sex is a social construct rather than a binary biological fact, which goes against established scientific evidence and mathematical principles of classification and grouping. 

Additionally, gender ideology often promotes the idea that individuals can self-identify as a gender different from their biological sex, leading to confusion and ambiguity in language and mathematical concepts such as counting, statistics, and probability. 

This incorrect use of mathematical concepts and disregard for biological reality can have far-reaching consequences, particularly in areas such as education, healthcare, and public policy. It can lead to the destruction of basic rights, discrimination against certain groups, and the promotion of harmful and damaging practices. 

It is vital to promote accurate and evidence-based understandings of gender and sex and to reject ideologies that are mathematically incorrect and dangerous in their influence.