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Home Why the sexual orientation policy in Kelowna schools is not ‘propaganda’

Why the sexual orientation policy in Kelowna schools is not ‘propaganda’

October 07, 2022 

Half of the candidates that took part in a Central Okanagan School District 23 all candidates debate didn’t appear to understand what the government’s sexual orientation and gender identity policy was but still said they disagreed with it.

At an Oct. 3 virtual school district trustee candidates forum, six of the candidates incorrectly referred to the sexual orientation and gender identity policy, or SOGI123 as it’s more commonly called, as something that was either “taught” in schools or referenced that it was part of the curriculum.

Incumbent Lee-Ann Tiede described SOGI123 as “politics and propaganda.”

Tiede didn’t elaborate on why the policy is “propaganda.”

Candidate Lisa Guderyan said she wanted more of a say on how and when the sexual orientation and gender identity policy “curriculum is taught.”

Guderyan is the daughter of Joyce Brinkerhoff who made headlines last year when running as a candidate in the school district byelection. Brinkerhoff was endorsed by the New Life Church in an action that may have breached Canada Revenue Agency’s rules on the church’s charitable status.

Conservative Christian slate ParentsVoice B.C. is running four candidates, and they didn’t appear to understand it either.

ParentsVoice candidate Tovey Demman said parents should know “what’s being taught to their students.”

Another ParentsVoice candidate Laurie Bowen said the current board has “failed to resolve” the issue, but didn’t say what the “issue” was.

Candidate Teresa Docksteader – who has spread conspiracy theories online – said she failed to understand why the government felt “compelled to teach this in schools.”

ParentsVoice candidate Chris Fieber said children “shouldn’t be talked into things.”

When reached by phone and asked what “talked into things” meant? Fieber replied “you know exactly what I mean,” but wouldn’t elaborate. He then hung up.

Incumbent trustee Julia Fraser set the record straight at the all-candidates debate.

“SOGI123 is not a course, it’s not a curriculum, or a lesson plan,” Fraser said.

Simply put SOGI123 is not “taught” in schools.