Why Parents Need to “Wake” Up to “Wokeism” in Schools

Few realize how pervasive this ideology is in classrooms

Oct 31. 2022 – Lake Superior News / Thunder Bay

The ‘woke’ ideology of today that brings with it the triad of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) is a cancer that is infecting vairtually every element of our society. And like a cancer, you often don’t even realize it is there until it’s too late. There are few places that don’t have DIE principles enshrined within their policies, programs, guidelines, practices and communications. This includes our governments, major corporations and businesses, our military, the medical field, our mental health field, the legal field, the list goes on. We should be aware and worried about all of this, because at its core are elements of postmodern Neo-Marxist philosophy that focuses on identity politics, real or invented racial inequalities, real or imagined victimhood, exreme transgender ideology, and intolerance of anyond speech that does not share their ideology.

There is one place though, where it has taken an alarming foothold and that is the Canadian public school system. Many parents may not be aware of just how pervasive it is within classroom, but they should pay attention and should be concerned. In this article I focus mostly on the Province of Ontario as an example of how matters around gender identity ideology and Critical Race Theory (CRT) have seeped into public school policies, curriculums and classrooms, unbenounced to many parents.  

It was in 2012, some ten years ago, that the Toronto District School Board developed a set of guidelines regarding gender identity. This included introducing ‘all gender washrooms’, and accommodating students identifying as transgender to be able to participate in gym classes and sports, based on their gender identity, rather than the ‘gender they were assigned at birth’. The guidelines also, disturbingly, included a policy that instructed its staff to ask any transgender or gender nonconforming students, at the start of the school year, how they wanted to be addressed in school correspondence to the home or at meetings with the student’s parents, guardians or caregivers.  Guidelines for the Accommodation of Transgender and Gender Independent/Non-Conforming Students and Staff

So, in essence, these guidelines were designed to keep parents from being given any indication that their child might be struggling with gender identity issues

The Toronto Board’s decision to introduce its guidelines coincided with then Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s new legislation that enshrined ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ into the Ontario Human Rights Code. At the time, it gave Ontario the proud distinction of being the first major jurisdiction in North America to extend human rights protection to transgendered people. 

McGuinty’s motivation to make this change to the Code, very likely came from his failed attempt, in 2010, to include gender identity and othe controversial sex oriented topics into the Ontario’s public school sex/health education curriculum two years earlier in 2010. Parents were actually listening back then and raised strong opposition to the move, so McGuinty had to scrap the idea. So, when the new Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne took office in 2013, after a sufficient cooling period, she had the Human Rights Code to back her up when she put in place a facsimile of McGuinty’s proposed sex/health educatio curriculum. The topics covered included such things as consent, specific names for body parts, and of course, gender identity and sexual orientation, etc. 

Ontario’s current Conservative Premier Doug Ford was elected in 2018, partially due to a commitment to repeal and replace the Wynne curriculum. As a start, his Education Minister directed all public elementary schools to cease using Wynne’s curriculum in grades K-8, but allowed it to continue to be taught in highschool. However, in a court challenge to the Ministry’s directive, an Ontario judge held that elementary teachers were free to continue to “teach the gender identity concept in the class” (no doubt partially due to Ontario Human Rights Code) even though it was not in the curriculum. The Ford government finally announced a ‘new’ curriculum 2019 that looked nearly the same as the 2015 curriculum the Premier Ford had promised to do away with. 

Amidst all of this activity, the Federal Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, in 2016, introduced Bill C-15 to now enshrine transgender rights and gender expression into the Canadian Human Rights Act. This prompted Dr. Jordan Peterson, then a mere Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University to sound the alarms for what he saw as legislating speech, by compelling people to use trangender pronouns, in which he warned it was a sign of further things to come, and he was not wrong.   THE LEFT HAS GONE TOO FAR – Jordan Peterson | London Real

The enshrining of transgender rights in the Canadians Human Rights Act, on top of many provincial Human Rights Codes essentially opened the flood gates for many other schools to follow the Toronto school board’s lead. Many began introducing policies or guidelines regarding the treatment of transgender students and began teaching a curriculum that included gender ideology and identy elements into their sex/health education lessons.  

And they are still doing it. For example, In June of 2021 the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) and the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board (WECDSB) introduced policies regarding  gender identity and expression for students that again was aimed at keeping parents in the dark if their child was having gender identity issues. The new policy reads, “A school should never disclose a student’s gender identity, chosen name and/or pronouns to the student’s parent or guardian without the student’s explicit prior consent, regardless of the age of the student. Both boards  used the the Ontario Human Rights Code as their rationale for introducing the policy, which according to both boards, aims to respect students’ confidentiality as well as protects their well-being and safety…  by keeping parents completely in the dark when something as critical as this is going on with their child, regardless of their age!!

In January of this year the  Waterloo District Public Schoolboard banned a teacher from her school and teaching her class for raising concerns over some of the ‘transgender’ books the Board had approved for grades K to 6. Carolyn Burjoski had simply, in a presentation to the Board, expressed concerns that some of those books seemed to make transitioning to another gender seem ‘simple’ and ‘cool’.

She used a scene from a book called ‘The Other Boy’, where Shane, born a girl, who was transitioning to become a boy, was voicing excitement over starting testosterone treatments. When told by the doctor ‘he’ likely won’t be able to have children, Shane says, “it’s cool”. Again the Board held up the Ontario Human Rights Code, as it pertained to transgender rights, to defend its decision to ban her from teaching at the school. Carolyn Burjoski may have lost her job, but she hasn’t lost her voice and is urging parents and grandparents to also speak out about which she views as children being exposed to some very age inappropriate literature in school.

Ontario public schools now include transgender education as part of their curriculum, for kids as young as five and six. And apparently parents can do little about it, as an Ottawa mother  discovered when her six year old daughter came home from school upset because her teacher had told her class that, “boys are not real and girls are not real.”

This occurred during a story time session in her daughter’s grade one class, when the teacher read a book called “My Princess Boy”, to her young charges. It was about a boy who liked dressing as a girl, which apparently prompted one student to tell the class that ‘you can go to a doctor to change your body’. The teacher affirmed to the kids and then showed them a video called “Queer Kids Stuff” YouTube video to ‘help’ explain to them that some people aren’t boys or girls. Later when the class tried to organize into groups according to their sex, she told them “there’s no such thing as boys and girls.” The child’s mother Pam Buffone lodged a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, but not surprisingly, the Tribunal ruled against her saying the school had not violated the girl’s rights with its gender themed instruction, as there was no direct evidence she was harmed by the material (remember a six-year old)!

Now when my daughter was six, (thankfully before this curriculum was introduced), she came home from school once, frantic because, in her health class, she ‘learned’ that foods like french fries were really bad for your heart. She was in a panic because she thought maybe she ate too many french fries and because of that she was going to die. I tried to assure her that wasn’t going to happen, but we eventually had to go see the teacher, to whom I calmly explained the situation. He very genuinely told her that eating french fries with her supper was fine and wasn’t going to hurt her heart. But this is an example of how a six year old’s young mind works. So it should raise the question, is teaching young children something as confusing as gender ideology–and that’s what they are doing–really a good idea, or is there another agenda of ‘woke’ indoctrination at work.

Then there is the ongoing outrageous situation at Trafalgar Highschool in Oakville where a ‘trangender woman’ has been teaching shop class with giant fake breasts, with huge nipples, stuffed under a skin tight blouse and wearing an equally disgusting mini skirt. The school and board officials continue to stand with the teacher, and her ‘transgender rights’ rather than listening to real concerns of the parents, who, by the way, are paying their salaries. Meanwhile, the Ford government has been tiptoeing around the issue like a frightened kitten. He had his Minister of Education pen a letter to the Ontario College of Teachers asking them to review their  professional standards from this point of view and get back to him by the end of November. That’s it.

Then there are these ‘drag queen’ storytelling groups popping up everywhere. One at a museum in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was protested by parents against it, and transgender activists defending it as ‘free speech’ because it was not just of who is doing the reading, but what they are reading to young children.

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