What the Pushers of the Trans Deception Don’t Want You to Know

Jon Uhler – April 11 2022

If the Trans Movement is supposedly all about compassion, why are those pushing it most aggressively trying to ensure parents, the general public, and lawmakers are not presented with the facts… with the reality of where this is intended to lead vulnerable young people, who have untreated mental health issues?

Why are they working so hard to hide the images of what happens to such young people once they’ve reached the end of the Trans Train, and why are they spinning a false narrative instead of being upfront with what exactly they are pushing on minors, toward ensuring full disclosure and informed consent? Simply put, because they know what they’re about.

They’re just hoping you never catch on. In this second part of a multi-part interview with Alix Aharon, of the Gender Mapping Project, we look at how unethical doctors and surgeons are targeting vulnerable young people who have untreated serious mental health conditions, to manipulate them toward sterilization and amputation, at great profit to these greedy so-called “Transgender Medical Providers.” We examine how social media “influencers” are being used to manipulate, and the sophisticated cult-like techniques of mental manipulation are being employed.

What the Pushers of the Trans Deception Don’t Want You to Know


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