Union organizers plan counter protests against Parents

 Plans To Disrupt Million March For Children

Sept 16, 2023

SOGI is being pushed in schools, hidden from parents.  Parents across Canada are about to march peacefully expressing their frustration over the SOGI123 curriculum, and its effects on children, such as puberty blockers and the physical and mental effects from surgery.  A peaceful march is just days away and insiders forward this video of what counter measures may take place. 

Here is a Union meeting just before the march across Canada on Sept 20 2023, showing what Unions, schools, school boards and others may do to counter protest on that day.  

This video was shared to many websites, reposting material for parents, students, teachers to be aware of the mindset behind those pushing  the SOGI agenda


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source : https://www.bitchute.com/video/z6AzyHW7d0hP/

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Speakers :

Rob Halpin – Director Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)

Patty Jarvis Coates – President at Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)

Vicky Smallman – Women’s & Human Rights for Canadian Labour Congress ( PSAC AFPC )

JP Hornick – Ontario Public Service Employees Union ( OPSEU SEFPO ) Twitter Post

Chandra-Li Paul (OFL)

Yolanda B’Dacy – Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)

Emily Quaile – CUPE 4600

Peter Votsch (TNG CUPE 7797)

Carolyn Egan

Anthony Marco – President, Hamilton and District Labour Council (HDLC)

Munib Sjjad – Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) (OFL)

CUPE Ontario OSSTF osstf.on.ca


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