Totally sane mom crazy whispers about how her daughter’s school won’t let her be a Boy

Jan 11, 2023 – Harris Rigby / NotTheBee

You can always tell by the eyes:

This lady seems to have the most unfortunate luck to be in the only school district in the entire country, it seems, that won’t gladly go along with this transgender madness.

She [the secretary] said she wouldn’t put my child in the school system as his [sic] name because it has to match his [sic] birth certificate… I told her I absolutely would not enroll my child as a female. And she said, ‘you will and you are.’

Is there some kind of medal we could give to this school administrator for not putting up with this child abuse? 

I mean, seriously, if we are going to attack the public schools lets at least recognize them when they do the right thing.

She enrolled my child as a female and then sent mail to my house with my child’s dead name on it… and the students were told a little girl was coming to class.

This mom is freaking out because she has a daughter who thinks she’s a boy and the school is refusing to go along with the psychotic lunacy.



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