The Queering of Corporate America

As the battle for the soul of our youth rages on, it’s important to follow the money being spent on the queering of corporate America.

The queering of corporate America is the black swan event of 2023 and it is showing no signs of slowing down with a not so silent majority voting with their wallets in direct opposition. Mega companies have brought forward their marketing campaigns featuring LGBTQ activists which has resulted in their market value plummeting to the tune of billions, yet they haven’t apologized. It begs the question–“Who do they fear more than us?”

As we look back at some of the key moments during the past year that went viral. Target, Bud Light and Disney come to mind. And now the latest is Netflix. Netflix released a children’s animated movie titled ‘Nimoa’ back in June which features an LGBT agenda that was so blatant even Disney (which is very well-known for its tendency to promote such viewpoints) dropped Nimona entirely upon previously assuming ownership.

This tells us two things. Firstly, that the corporations are now starting to realize that the Bud Light effect can have a disastrous impact on their bottom line. The second big takeaway is that companies are calculating whether or not to even push the agenda moving forward we have seen certain companies pull their symbolism down early and choose not to participate for the entirety of priDEMONth.

Now let’s pause and look back through time. No one had a problem with drag shows, pride parades or even same sex marriage until children became the target. This was a pivotal turning point that shoot many people awake to the reality that adults in privileged positions are taking aim at legislation that would effectively reduce parental rights and grant the state powers that would criminalize parents for not adhering to LGBT ideology. The people are pushing back by coordinating a nation wide protest taking place on September 20th 2023 as a rallying cry for government to stop their perverted policies immediately. This event has been organized by Muslim activists thanks to videos going internationally viral of the Muslim community leading the charge with Christians and Jews against the already visible minority.

All of this is one rung in the ladder that leads to depopulation. If you look carefully proponents of the climate crusade will tell you to not have kids due to earth changes. Homosexuality and abortion are self explanatory. Here in Canada if you’re depressed or homeless you can get government assisted suicide. The government decriminalized hard drugs. You see it’s all quite clear when you understand these agendas are sped up, coordinated and enforced to the tune of billions of dollars. It’s not just the queering of corporate America, that’s just one small part of a much larger agenda for total population control.

Let’s put this baby to bed and address the elephant in the room. When we follow the money we can’t help but notice the involvement of big pharmaceutical companies merging with their friends in big tech. A 4000% increase in youth identifying as transgender is astronomical. These aren’t natural numbers, this is part of a social contagion backed by special interest groups. Essentially by transitioning a minor what you ultimately have is a life long client for big pharma. Voice pills, testosterone, estrogen, other hormones, surgeries, other medical treatments all it does is provide a residual revenue stream for these corporate giants. We are truly battling Goliath. A Laviathan of biblical proportions. In order to win we must stand firm on what we believe to be objective truth, and never deviate one inch from objective reality. No one is saying trans people don’t deserve rights, they are people too. But you do not put the safety of women and children at risk to please a small minority of people with mental heath challenges. A very small percentage of transitioned males actually remove their genitalia, leaving their testosterone levels intact. And unfortunately this permissionless framework of allowing adult men in women’s private spaces attracts predators. The foundation of which society is built is to protect the weak from the strong. The true character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children.

Children are our future, our most prized possessions. We must protect the children at all costs for there is a spiritual war raging just below the surface. Most people aren’t ready for this talk but the more we see how the far left acts, the more we realize how the Bible got it right. And how the Judeo Christian principles that founded our once great nation produced the best standard of living by far for people of all sexual orientations. Try being trans in Saudi Arabia. Try being gay in Uganda. In what country do LGBT people have more rights than Canada? We must realize there is a small minority group that are no longer wanting equality, but to be a protected class with special privileges. Because at the end of the day they are knowingly or unknowingly being used as pawns by a criminal administrative state.

The Castro gestapo regime of murderous pedophilic, vampiric satanic clowns in government have decided to activate drag shows, queer curriculums, woke churches and Mengele-inspired doctors while flexing their corporate muscles as an ill-fated attempt to establish dominance and now they aim to set up a “purge fund” to target anyone critical of the LGBTMAP movement. (See previous Article entitled: You won’t believe who Trudeau is TARGETING now with $100 million dollar war chest) Liberals are now funding the private sector to come after anyone speaking out in opposition to the radical sexual agenda being pushed on children. If you got value from this article bookmark the page, subscribe to our mailing list or share this page with concerned parents in your local area.

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