The Influence of Distort Reality on Children


If someone has the ability to influence adults to deny or distort reality even slightly, think about what they may be capable of doing to children behind closed doors. Children are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and even more susceptible to the influence of those around them. 

If an individual is able to manipulate and control the beliefs and actions of adults, they may also be able to exert power and control over children in harmful ways. This could include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, as well as manipulation or grooming for abusive and ideological purposes. 

It is crucial for those in positions of authority, such as educators, to be thoroughly vetted and screened to ensure they are not a risk to children. Parents should also be vigilant and aware of any concerning behaviours or red flags and should report any suspicions or concerns to relevant authorities. Protecting children from harm requires a community-wide effort, with everyone working together to create an environment for children to grow and develop. This includes providing children with accurate and truthful information and empowering them to speak up and seek help if they feel threatened for speaking out. 

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