The Dark Side of Transitioning

At this point, it is evident that we have rushed into transgender care protocols without anticipating real life-altering repercussions. Joining us to discuss this agenda is a Licensed Therapist and Host of the “You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist Podcast”, Stephanie Winn, as well as a detransitioning male, Shape Shifter. Have we reached a level of corruption where transgenders are purposefully being led down a foggy road where their “dream” to be the opposite sex, has become a nightmare?


Detransitioning Trans

December 1, 2022 With the influx of people (including minors) coming out as transgender, we are hearing even more stories of people coming out as detransitioners. As gender-affirming clinics and therapists garner more clientele and praise from the masses, the people left psychologically damaged and physically mutilated by them are now condemned by the same hands that were once used to uplift. So, who is there left to turn to?

Joining this conversation is a male-to-female-to-male detransitioner, Shape Shifter. Later in the show, we have Podcaster, Hypnotist, and former Liberal Feminist, Isabella Malbin as well as Women’s Health Expert, Dr. Christiane Northrup.


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