Teachers and School Board Members are trying to wake up others

Some are speaking out – some have lost their job while trying to protect students.


Ronnie the host of Standing for Children has produced some informative videos to help empower families by sharing what is happening in our children’s schools, provide alternative education options , and overall development of our children.. On some episodes she will share skills/tools so parents can advocate for their children in school, community, and government. There are many amazing community iniatives, and programs developed to protect all children through Canada, and the United States that she will be sharing on RH Media. 

As a former educator of 30yrs, she recently resigned from public school system on March 2021. Since then, Ronnie has presented speeches all over Lower Mainland B.C. regarding what is happening in education from kindergarten to university. 

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Childcare Teacher

Teacher Nelli Parisenkova sued her former employer last week after she was allegedly terminated and mistreated because of her religious objection to reading books to children featuring same-sex couples. Complaint filed with Superior Court of California


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If you are a teacher, and you want to share your story, please contact us.