SOGI123 Why is it in BC Schools?

February 7, 2023 – ICTV Victoria BC

Interview with Emily Duggan, a Mother of two from the West Kootenays in BC Canada to learn about a controversial program embedded in all 60 School Districts across BC.

SOGI123 – SOGI, or Sexual Orientation Gender Identity, is a program that teaches students from Kindergarten to grade 12 the ideology that girls can be boys and vice versa based solely on personality and emotions. It supports gender affirmation based on a self diagnosis from any age and equally supports severe consequences for those who do not affirm a child’s self diagnosis. Supported by the BC Ministry of Education and the BC Human Rights Code- Discrimination based on gender identity or expression, Ms. Duggan must tread lightly as she climbs this uphill battle to remove SOGI123 from Elementary Schools and revamp the teachings of the program in Secondary Schools across BC.

Duggan represents a growing group of parents who are trying to bring attention to the program. For the last few years Parents and Guardians were not allowed in our schools due to the pandemic. Now that they are, they are becoming aware of what our children are being taught. From Gay Pride being heavily promoted with flags hung in hall ways, to Gay sections on the school bus that bully the kids who choose not to identify as LGBTQ+. This doesn’t sit well with Duggan and her group, “SOGI123 has not solved the issue of bullying, but simply changed the face of the bully.” Says Duggan.

Join us as Duggan walks us through what SOGI123 is and what it means for our children and communities.


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