Sex education is Brainwashing our Kids – and we’re not even allowed to know what’s going on. It’s time to take a stand

June 16, 2023 – Matt Goodwin / The Sun UK

I DON’T know about you but I’m deeply worried about the most important people on the planet – our children.

Increasingly, they’re being bombarded on all sides.

By dangerous smartphones. 

By damaging social media. 

By widespread access to hardcore pornography.

And now by the very institutions which are supposed to keep them safe — their schools.

This was brought home to me recently while reading a story you might have missed.

A British mum has been told by a judge she is not allowed to see the material being used to teach her own daughter about sex and gender.

Let me say that again.

A mother has been told by the courts she cannot see the material which is being used to teach her own child about issues such as sex, gender and identity.

Why did she want to see the material?

Because, one day, her 15-year-old daughter came home from school and said an external company had been brought in to teach the schoolchildren to be “sex positive” and that heteronormativity is “a bad thing”.

And why was the mother not allowed to see the material?

Because the external company, which works with 300 schools in Britain, refused to share it on the grounds of its own “commercial interest” which, the judge ruled, outweighed any public interest in the issue.

Put simply, this is nuts

So, put in other words, we’re now living in a society which is apparently more interested in protecting the commercial interests of private firms than allowing Mum and Dad to see what their own kids are taught about sex, race and gender.

This is — put simply — nuts.

This would perhaps be less of an issue were Britain’s schools teaching our children about race, sex and gender in a responsible, balanced and moderate way.

But this is just not happening.

The blunt reality is Britain’s schools are now rapidly following their counterparts in America by exposing children to highly divisive, utterly toxic and very contentious theories which often have no serious basis in science.

The teaching of sensitive and contentious issues such as race, sex and gender is now routinely farmed out to external providers and has become a wild west.

Very few of these providers, which often appear to be led by radical ideologues, are regulated or monitored.

Very few make their materials publicly available. 

And very few appear all that interested in upholding the law by remaining politically neutral.

This is why dubious and divisive theories such as Critical Race Theory, which contends Western nations are “institutionally racist”, and Gender Identity Theory, which suggests our subjective gender identity is more important than our biological sex, are now going mainstream in British schools.

There was the school in Lewisham, South East London, which told children they are privileged “by virtue of being white”.

There was another school in London which was downgraded by regulators after putting too much emphasis on “social justice ideology”, telling pupils there are “64 genders”, leaving some feeling unable to speak up and leading parents to complain that every subject was taught through the prism of race and gender.

The list goes on and on as each week goes by.

A study by my friend and colleague Professor Eric Kaufmann found nearly 60 per cent of British schoolchildren are being taught Critical Race Theory.

And if you include references to radical gender identity theory, such as the dubious claim that there are endless genders, the figure jumps to 73 per cent.

Many schools, it found, are not only embracing radical gender identity theory and affirmative practice (i.e. affirming a child’s belief they are the opposite gender to their sex) but are not even informing their parents when this happens.

Increasingly, our children are being brainwashed to believe things such as a man can become a woman and a woman can become a man, Britain is structurally racist, they can identify with hundreds of different genders and that, ultimately, the only thing of value in this life is not the content of their character but their fixed identity.

So what can we do?

Well, we could start by requiring every school in Britain to publish all material relating to race, sex and gender online and have a clear process in place for parents to raise concerns about what is being taught.

We could give all parents a formal right to see all materials used to teach their kids.

We could force the Government to undertake and complete a thorough, independent review of how the trinity of race, sex and gender are being taught in schools and to insist this review does not involve the Department for Education, which allowed these problems to take root in the first place.

Whistleblower campaign

We could pressure the opposition Labour Party to publish its plan and vision for how these issues should be taught.

We could force all schools in the country to automatically tell parents when their child reveals feelings of gender distress at school.

We could rule that no school should be permitted to facilitate a child’s social transition unless their parents have been fully informed.

We could remind schools that, according to law and guidance, they’re supposed to provide single-sex activities and facilities and draw attention to those which do not.

We could insist that no schools are allowed to join “diversity membership schemes” which are offered by external agencies that are routinely involved in political campaigning.

We could rule that all external agencies which are involved in the teaching of children must sign up to a register, submit their materials for a peer-review examination and be independently monitored.

And we could launch a nationwide whistleblower campaign, asking parents and others to highlight real-world examples of what is actually happening in schools.

These are just a few things we could do and we could do them right now.

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