School board under fire for ‘explicit’ lessons on pornography

May 12, 2023 – Denette Wilford / Toronto Sun

Parents in an Oregon school district were outraged to learn their children were exposed to sexually explicit language – during lessons on porn.

Slides from a lesson containing sexually explicit language were used to teach 10th-grade students about myths in pornography were shared by a concerned parent to the Oregon Moms Union’s Facebook page.

Some of the terms the 10th-graders were allegedly subjected to: “big d***,” “p**** licking,” “squirting” and “hentai” – which we’re not ashamed to say, we had to look up.

“I think it would make a lot of grown-ups blush,” Oregon Moms Union co-founder MacKensey Pulliam told Fox News. “The way that they went about teaching it and some of the content that was on the slides was really explicit.”

Others online disagreed with the backlash, and accused the distressed parents being “out of touch.”

“You’re all getting triggered by the explicit words, but the message is obviously a warning that they should not believe the situations depicted in porn are normal,” one person commented.

While the intentions behind the curriculum are good, the language in the slides cross a line, argued others.

A woman named Coco posted a photo of one of the slides on Twitter and asked, “In what world is it OK for teachers to be listing ‘Popular categories’ of pornography for minors?”

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