Satan is hunting our children

Канада: сатана охотится за нашими детьми

Jan 14 2018

“Mom, I don’t want to be a boy!” – this is how the little girl reacted to the radical program of sex education. That says it all.

In Vancouver, Canada, LGBT advocates are fighting in public schools to implement the school’s SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification, SOGI) curriculum. Many parents are afraid that this program will sow confusion in the minds of their children and even become a kind of brainwashing. At the same time, SOGI advocates argue that this program will allow students to “find their true selves.”

The SOGI program, which has already spread across Canada, teaches children in public schools that gender is a fluid concept and, in fact, promotes a homosexual lifestyle. In other words, your gender depends not so much on what organs you were born with, but on “who you feel at the moment.”

One teacher in Canada told her elementary students, “There are people—boys. There are people – girls. And there are people who can be a little boy and a little girl, or even neither.”

SOGI lessons include books about transgenderness – for example, “10,000 Dresses” (10,000 Dresses) – and songs such as “Rainbow Song”. The latter contains the following lines: “Gender should not influence our decisions. Some boys love dresses; some girls like to catch snakes.”

The SOGI program started in British Columbia in 2016 and quickly spread throughout Canada.

“I thought then: who gave the go-ahead to teach our children this?” asks Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, one of SOGI’s main opponents.

Tyler Thompson – writer and fiery speaker – says SOGI, among other things, believes it is right to tell even young children like preschoolers that in the future they may be of a different gender – “not the same as now.”

“And we are already seeing the results of this activity, ” says Thompson. Some children react very emotionally to this . They struggle with the fear that they might be in the wrong body.”

Another leading opponent of SOGI, Kari Simpson, believes that this program is nothing more than “child abuse” (cruel treatment of children).

“They vilify and vilify what makes girls beautiful girls and women, and boys – boys. Thus, they rob children of these qualities. It is considered evil if we tell boys that they are future strong protectors ,” complains Simpson.

But Morgan Oger, supporting SOGI, argues that it is only about accepting such people – not about some kind of “processing” of children.

“The idea is to teach children that there are gay children, that there are transgender children; and there are gay parents and transgender parents, and that they are all accepted and desired in our society – after all, isn’t that what the human rights code states, and isn’t it the job of schools to teach children to follow this code?”

Simpson, however, disagrees with this, believing that the real purpose of SOGI is otherwise:

“To turn our normal heterosexual culture into something else, where everything is possible, where there are no boundaries, values, morals – in fact, turn it into a hedonistic cult,” she says.

Another striking example of “transgender parenting” of children is “ Time with Drag Queen” (“queen” – a man in women’s clothes). In Canada and America, such “trans divas” (Drag Queens) are invited to schools and libraries. In addition to the transgender costume, some “queens” use the image of horned demons.

“It’s a social reformatting that five-year-olds are being used for, ” Simpson says. “ They are brought up as radical fighters for social justice, so parents, realizing the danger, say no.”

When it comes to parental rights, Oger says, “In fact, parental rights are limited in Canada and children’s rights come first so that children have the right to be protected from their parents when they misbehave.”

Canada is known as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. In its major cities, there are entire neighborhoods of gays. One such block is in Vancouver, where the intersection is painted in the colors of the rainbow, and rainbow-colored flags fly from almost every street lamp.

Many gay men, such as Dave DeCarlo (a resident of this neighborhood), support SOGI and the restriction of parental rights.

“Changes are needed…. Sometimes parents and children are in harmony. But sometimes the views of the parents prevail, so education is a really important factor in all of this ,” says Decarlo.

“It’s all terrible. It’s awful, ” says Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh of Cedar Grove Church in Vancouver. He has been serving in the city for a long time and warns that “it’s all serious – much more serious than many Canadian Christians imagine.”

“Our problem is not teachers, educators and school administrators, ” he says. “ War is taking place in the heavenly realms because Satan is trying to destroy the souls of people.”

Cavanaugh says that “Satan is after our children” —the most vulnerable souls.

“The little girl came home crying because her teacher told her that if she plays with some of the ‘boy’ toys in class, it’s very likely that she’s a boy in a girl’s body, ” Cavanaugh says. She came home in tears and said: “Mom, I don’t want to be a boy!” Mom went to school the next day, but instead of help and understanding, she heard insults addressed to her – she was called a homophobe and a fanatic.”

“That’s the whole problem. It won’t be long – a few generations, a few years – and parents (whether they are Christians or not) will be “checked for compliance” – whether they have the right to raise their children. So we have to fight and not let that happen, right?” Cavanaugh warns.

Driven by this concern, Tyler Thompson, Simpson, and Pastor Kavanaugh try to explain it to people through social media and at citywide gatherings, but pro-gays react with vehemence and bitterness.

“This hatred, anger and aggression is directed against us, although we say that we love them, that we are not going to deprive them of their freedom and the opportunity to live the way they want. We love them, although we do not agree with them. But in response, only hatred. They call me a homophobe and a Hitler, ” Tyler complains. We don’t have religious freedom . What we reject as Christians is being forced on our children.”

Pastor Kavanaugh believes that Canadian Christians are now in the “2 Chronicles 20 movement”. “And Jehoshaphat was afraid, and set his face to seek the Lord, and declared a fast throughout all Judea,” Kavanaugh quotes 2 Chr. 20:3. “ And the Lord answered him that it was His war, not Jehoshaphat’s.”

The war between violent gay activists and the Christian community is far from over, but many Christian leaders believe it can wake up a sleeping church and make its voice heard.

“We started meeting with pastors and we see tears in their eyes, ” testifies Tyler Thompson. “ The Church is beginning to prepare for the price that the struggle for our children may require.”

Voice of Truth based on CBN materials


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