Ronnie, the host of Standing for Children, is dedicated to empowering families by providing informative videos that shed light on what is happening in our children’s schools. Through her content, she not only shares insights into the current state of education but also offers alternative options for families seeking different educational paths for their children. As a former educator with 30 years of experience, Ronnie brings a wealth of knowledge to her discussions. On each episode, she goes beyond information-sharing and equips parents with valuable skills and tools to advocate for their children within the school system, local community, and even government. Furthermore, Ronnie believes in the power of community initiatives and programs that aim to protect all children across Canada and the United States. Through RH Media, she will actively promote and showcase these amazing initiatives. Having resigned from the public school system in March 2021, Ronnie has since been passionately delivering speeches throughout the Lower Mainland B.C., shedding light on the state of education from kindergarten to university levels. Her goal is to create awareness and inspire positive change in the education landscape.

Additionally, as part of her RH Media YouTube channel, Ronnie conducts interviews with key individuals involved in activism and educational initiatives. Through these interviews, she provides a platform for influential figures in the field of education and activism to share their insights, experiences, and strategies for positive change. By featuring these interviews, Ronnie aims to amplify the voices of those making a difference in the education sector, and inspire viewers to take action in their own communities. The interviews on RH Media offer valuable perspectives, innovative ideas, and practical advice for individuals looking to become more engaged in educational activism.

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