Protect Parental Rights A National Call To Action

Please consider keeping your kids at home on Sept 20th. Even if you don’t go protest, keep them home and the school will know exactly why! The news will be reporting on this and it will be evident why. It’s only one day, but it can send a resounding message.

Much has been happening on the war on freedom. Especially on the frontlines–the battle for the next generation. Conservatives with based first-principles are uniting across the country and making big strides by locking arms with the Muslim and Indian brotherhood. The most multicultural nation on Earth is now poised to come together having seen the true enemy. The weight of the federal government and special interest groups have stated their intentions clearly, and the people have responded by drawing the line in the sand. Standing up or children and the sanctity of life is what the foundations of true liberty is founded on. Once you separate life from liberty you run the risk of having neither within one generation. This is why you have the famous Ronald Reagan quote as saying “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” In this article, I want you to consider the power of repetition. Humans are creatures of habit. We become complacent in our ways until something inside us changes and now we are no longer able to accept what was, and the sheep you thought was sleeping now rears the head and heart of a lion.

A friend of this website operator, James Davison, a dedicated patriot from Abbotsford, British Columbia, has decided to enter the political arena after organizing nearly 100 freedom rallies since March 2020 has thrown his name in the hat for political office and here’s why everyone is excited for his debut: People want someone with a proven track record on delivering for the Canadian people. They want someone with strong values who is part of the grassroots movement to lead us into the battle of ideas against the parties of the left, and that is exactly what James Davison has done for the past three and a half years. James has the kind of experience Canadians are looking for, and the conservative region of Abby is slated to get just that. James is a man of integrity, together with his soon-to-be wife Marcella. An equal to Davisons passion for saving the nation, behind every great man, there’s a great woman who helped him get to where he is. Find James Davison on social media here. The conservative party as a whole is rising in the polls, with recent reporting by Drea Humphrey from Rebel News breaking that yet another BC Liberal MLA crosses the floor to join BC Conservatives.

When the people who just wanted to be left alone get bothered, you see reversals in the political landscape. As they say, “The Pendulum Swings”. Everything that has happened so far has happened for our benefit. The people can see the common enemy at our door and we are united in this battle for parental rights. Children’s health and safety is something that society is judged on at a fundamental level and crosses party lines. 90% of people will come together on this issue, which has now become certainly a main election talking point. We see there are many reasons to vote conservative now, and it is not a party of low information, one topic voters. James and Marcella are having their next ‘Stand United’ rally on September 20th for the 1 Million March for Children happening in Vancouver on September 20th at 1 pm downtown Vancouver at 969 Robson Street. If you are in the lower mainland, we encourage all to support by coming to the event or locally in your neighbourhood. These colours don’t run, and when it comes to children, it was never even a question that the people of this once great nation would rise again together once more to cast out the common enemy waging chemical, biological and spiritual warfare against our most prized possessions.

In closing, a little while ago, there was a big victory in BC court regarding a specific ruling on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. This will be the focus of my next article. But for now, remember that this article is a call to action; please bring awareness to this topic by amplifying this signal and sharing with your friends and family. Nothing is more important right now than sending a strong message about this topic to the Castro regime. The Khazarian mafia is deeply entrenched within our political sphere, but together, we can win. Strength is found in numbers and by enshrining the sanctity of children, are we the closest we get to the hands of God almighty, who created this beautiful country for our children to inherit. As Donald Trump once stated at the United Nations General Assembly: “The future does not belong to globalists; it belongs to patriots. Thank you for your time in reading this article today; God bless you.

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