Ontario Schools are telling kindergarteners to choose their sex and get taught by skimpily dressed teachers

by Vedica Singh October 11, 2022

Ontario schools: If your kids attend school in Ontario, you should not be surprised if they start doubting their own gender. The young and impressionable minds in Ontario are subjected extensively now to “gender dysphoria.” 

What if you come to know that your kids are being asked to choose their genders as per their will? You will be in a huff. Isn’t it?

Schools in Ontario are giving children the authority to decide their gender. Kids in the province have the choice to either be a boy or a girl. Teachers are being encouraged to stay away from facts stating boys have penises and girls have vaginas, rather they are being requested to let the children decide what they want to be. 

The Ontario district school board, Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB), encourages teachers to inform kindergarten to Grade 1 kids that they have the choice of whether to be a boy or a girl.

Carolyn Burjoski, a former WRDSB teacher, once gave a speech in which she discussed a tool called The Early Years Document that had been given to WRDSB teachers in preparation for Transgender Week of Awareness in November 2021.

The document advises teachers not to teach the young children in their care facts such as “boys have penises” and “girls have vaginas,” but rather to fill their young impressionable minds with ideas such as: “Many boys have penises, and some others do too…Many girls have vaginas and vulvas, some don’t.”

Then teachers are encouraged to tell children that grownups merely guess the sex of babies and that “you get to decide if you’re a boy, girl, both, or something else,” because the “child has agency.”

The Foundation Against Racism and Intolerance’s Waterloo chapter hosted an event called Education at the Crossroads where Burjoski gave a speech titled ‘Exposing Age-Inappropriate Learning Materials in our Public Schools’.

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At a board of trustees meeting in January 2021, Burjoski attempted to voice concerns about the age suitability of several books in the WRDSB’s new “diverse” library. However, in response, she was accused of breaking the Ontario Human Rights Code. She was immediately put on leave and prohibited from speaking to any of her students. She has since retired and is taking legal action against the board.

Burjoski said, “It is my view that telling all children that they can choose if they are a boy or a girl is a radical and unscientific message that is likely to confuse them. ”I’m worried that, in an attempt to support a small group of gender-questioning students, we might be destabilising the identities of many students who would never have questioned their identities as boys or girls.”

It’s important to note that students in the province have never questioned their gender ever before until they attended schools in the Ontario. 

This instance is not the first to highlight how academia is becoming a tool for liberals to teach kids about their radical ideas. Constructive programming aimed towards young people has now been launched across the nation.

According to a Newsweek article, within the last decade, there has been a meteoric increase in young people rejecting their bodies and identifying themselves as the opposite sex. 

Recently, in Ontario, a transgender teacher sparked controversy by wearing giant prosthetic breasts in class. Images emerged from Ontario’s Oakville Trafalgar High School showing one of its shop teachers conducting class whilst clad in enormous silicone breasts. The matter has drawn international attention. 

This wave of wokeism has crept into nearly every province of Trudeau’s Canada. Recently, in Saskatchewan, children in schools were asked to use gender-neutral washrooms. They were subjected to education on transgenderism. Many of you might see eye to eye if we say that this wave of wokeism has led to school abuse increasing by leaps and bounds. There’s no denying the fact.

Canada is quickly turning into a country of reprobates. This undoubtedly poses an existential danger to conventional societal practices. The liberal government is pushing vulnerable minors in Canada to make a decision at a very young age to decide their gender identity. As a result, these minors are reportedly rushing into decisions that can be difficult to reverse as they mature and evolve.

SOURCE : https://tfiglobalnews.com/2022/10/11/ontario-schools-are-telling-kindergarteners-to-choose-their-sex-and-get-taught-by-skimpily-dressed-teachers/


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