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2018 – BC – 200 BC Church Pastors sign Accord against SOGI123

2018 – BC – B.C. pastors launch campaign against SOGI 123 – CityNews

2018 – BC – Hundreds of pastors unite with west coast christian accord – CHVN Radio 95.1 FM

2018 – BC – Over 1,000 church leaders band together to fight radical sex ed in British Columbia – LifeStyle News

Churches Ask : What is the evil in SOGI?

  • It’s preaches a Godless view of the world (and therefor a low view of human worth and purpose).
  • It preaches that the church of LGBTQ+ is to be believed by everyone. It’s forcing a religious view on others (sound familiar).
  • It preaches that sex is just an appetite and as long as both parties consent then it’s not causing any harm (ultimately it preaches a very low and incomplete view of sex).
  • It preaches that truth is subjective and we are the authority for what is right and wrong, good or bad (both science and experience actually defeat this belief very easily).
  • It preaches that love equals agreement. That you must believe what I believe if you love me (when true love actually frees the will of another).
  • It preaches views and practices of sex and gender that aren’t good or healthy (or even logical).
  • Because of all this, it misleads our students into believing lies instead of truth and says what is bad is good.

What should be taught (at an age-appropriate level) is an unbiased analysis of all the world views so that our students are actually educated (not indoctrinated). And we should teach our students how to live peacefully and respectfully with those of different views. Lastly, we should teach our students how to think – how to reason and discern a good idea from a bad idea (but that’s a topic for another day). SOURCE