New TV show aimed to downplay concerns about Books

March 21, 2023 – SOGI123 Taskforce

Canadians watching the new series on CTV Television network about a Toronto area Library, are suddenly exposed to the Drag Queen “StoryTime” in libraries issue on the new show called “Shelved”.

Bryce is a character in the show that oversees the safety, rules and regulations in a Library. He is alarmed when a drag artist shows up to read books to young children and asks others if they were aware of this. He then tries to shut it down, but another employee, wearing a rainbow dress, photographs him and posts a photo of him sitting at the story time as if he was there to promote it, giving a false message to the public.

The show goes on to convince the public that nothing bad is going on here. The show fails to show the real activities that occur at real events, and the real agenda behind it all.

Was the writer really creating this series just to try to broadcast this fairy tale ending to the on going issue of how ‘storytime’ is part of a bigger agenda?, and by doing so, diverts many who may have questioned it, into thinking it is innocent just because of the way this episode was written?

Keep in mind many of the ‘drag storytimes’ events in the real world were very graphic – content hidden within the books is read to kids. If these books are so innocent, why are so many parents alarmed about them and trying to get them banned? This tv show did not really show what was going on, it actually watered down the concerns so that any parents becoming aware of what was going on, might catch this comedy show episode, and change thier mind.

This technique is used in the news, entertainment and advertising to influence a specific audience into viewing a particular subject in a particular direction.

source : CTV Television

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