Nanaimo : Opposing Progressive Gender Ideology in Libraries, SchoolNanaimo :

David Wang for Nanaimo City Council 2022

Oct 6, 2022

The Harbourfront Library in Downtown Nanaimo no longer has Male and Female Bathrooms. Instead there is now only a Gender Neutral Bathroom. In this Library, a little girl would be in the same bathroom, at the same time, as an adult male. I find this wholly unacceptable. There are 2 Genders. People are free to identify as whatever Gender they wish, but biologically, anatomically, there are 2 Genders. Male bathrooms have Urinals and are designed to cater to the biological difference of a Man and a Woman. Women invariably know when a Man has used a toilet before them in many instances. This is easily prevented by Men having their own Washrooms.

Tax Payers money should not be going to build bathrooms that service only a very small percentage of the population while causing discomfort to the large majority of Tax Payers. Perhaps 3 bathrooms is a solution, but that cost would need to be put to the Taxpayers.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Schools is also unacceptable, for much the same reason as above with the added caveat that children are easily influenced and impressionable and in these formative years it is not beneficial to confuse them on the Biological Differences between Males and Females. Again, Tax Payers should not be paying to cater to Progressive Gender Ideology. SOGI should not be taught in schools. Sexualizing Elementary School Children is wrong. Let children be innocent and teach them about sexuality when their bodies are making those demands.

Drag Queen Story Hour introduces very young children to the concept that it is normal for Adult Men to pretend to be Women. Why introduce children to Alternative Sexual Lifestyles when they are so impressionable with vivid imaginations. Children can explore their Sexual Expression when their bodies are making those demands. Let children be innocent.


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