“In this study, we observed evidence of an association between TGD-related media stories and referrals to 2 independent pediatric gender services on opposite sides of the world. Although our data do not provide evidence of causation, the results are nonetheless consistent with our own clinical experiences in which TGD patients commonly IDENTIFY THE MEDIA AS A PRECIPITANT FOR THEM TO SEEK CLINICAL ASSISTANCE.”

“… it is likely that TGD-RELATED MEDIA has improved the recognition and acceptance of gender diversity in wider society, and this may have helped to create an environment that fosters referrals. For example, the INCREASING MEDIA PORTRAYAL OF TGD individuals not only in real life (eg, Caitlyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning) but also in popular fiction (eg, in television shows, such as Transparent and Orange Is the New Black) is likely to have helped not only create an incremental shift in public awareness but also normalize gender diversity.”

Transgender television shows were created to help promote the SOGI123 agenda.

Shows made to target various age groups: Kids, Teens and Adults.

I AM JAZZ (2015):  Transgender young woman with a unique perspective and unexpected experiences

TRANSFORM ME (2010): Three transgender women star as makeover specialists.

Drag Race (2009-Present):  “Reality competition television series” searches for America’s next drag superstar

See Full Report Here

See Full Report Here

What the Pushers of the Trans Deception Don’t Want You to Know. (Pt. 1)


A documentary “Gender diversity & identity in Queertopia” brings attention to a media group in the Netherlands – which shows the Top Surgery – in their own documentary called Transketeers

Trans rights or dangerous ‘Agency Capture’?

“Australia Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) run by ACON is being used as a form of ‘agency capture’. Agency or industry capture is a form of corruption ‘where a political entity, policymaker, or regulator is co-opted to serve the interests of an ideological group’.

ACON was formerly a health charity for gay men, but like many gay charities, it now has the aims of ‘trans rights’ at its core. ‘Trans rights’ are not an uncontested set of demands, particularly the political aim of ‘self ID’ – which is the right of men to be legally recognised as female on demand. The inclusion of biological men in women’s sport is another contested ‘right’ of the ‘trans’ political movement.