It Would Never Happen To My Child, with Laura Bryant Hanford

Aug 7, 2023

Laura Bryant Hanford joins the show to discuss the tragic story of Sage’s law and how woke ideologies can impact your children without you knowing

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Girl Sex Trafficked / RAPED After LGBT BRAINWASHING: 

Court Ruling Enabled Sex Trafficking A SECOND TIME!

February 2023

Government child protection agencies are really child trafficking operations!

Laura Hanford is here to detail her report in The Federalist about a young girl who was trafficked and raped because of her woke LGBT school.

Sage’s school kept her attempted gender transition from her grandmother.

A judge refused to give Sage back to her grandmother because of a failure to use the right pronouns.

Sage was placed in foster care and was sexually abused a second time.

LGBT propaganda is being pushed by a group called “Gender Spectrum”.

“Gender Spectrum” is allowed to place their propaganda in schools across the county which urges students to never tell their parents about transitioning.

The cruel judge and prosecutor tried to build their woke careers on the broken pieces of the trafficked girl’s body and soul.

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