Subject: [Presentation/Lesson Name] 


Dear [Principal Name]

Thank you for emailing the parents this important information. I appreciate your gesture of informing us and following [School Name] protocol.

After researching some of the above-mentioned work, we have collectively decided as a family that my [Son/Daughter], [Children Name], will not be participating in these presentations on [Date of Presentation]

Will they be only one block each day, or are they the entire day? I ask because we will have to make arrangements for [him/her] if it is the entire day. If it is just one block each day, it is perfectly fine if [Child Name] does his own personal work in the library. 

Please advise at your earliest possible convenience, [Principal Name], and thank you again for connecting with us regarding this presentation. 

With gratitude, [Concerned Parent Name] - [Father/Mother] of [Child Name] [(Child School Grade)]