Kelowna Parent says SOGI123 is “Psychological Warfare”

Nov 23 2022 – video : Bruce Orydzuk

Sacheen Collecutt speaks to School Board 23 at a meeting in Kelowna – This Agenda needs to stop NOW!

“This is psychological warfare”, Collecutt says as she addresses SB23. “It is my job as a Therapist to help people and intervene when they are going to do self harm. It is also my job as a mother to make sure to protect my child.”

“1979 : John Hopkins study determined there is no bitterant of mental health issues after transition and in fact just the opposite. Many have have sex changes and commit suicide once they have realized what they have done to their bodies. This is a fact that I have to deal with every day of my life, that my son has gone through with this because of what the Government has decided to do.”

“Teen girls are now cutting off their breasts because they are psychologically abused and sexually exploited.

“There are Four things that don’t belong in our schools : Politics, Propaganda, Pharmaceuticals, Pedophilia agendas.

“SD23 needs to STOP ALL these abuses to children, by SOGI123 masking and forced vaccinations. or we can call it what it is : Genocide.”

SOURCE : Bruce Orydzuk

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