Kari Lake : “We got to protect our Kids”

Former television news anchor Kari Lake announced her campaign for governor of Arizona on June 1, 2021, and is the Republican nominee in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election.

Lake talks about what is happening in schools :

4:38 – “We got to protect our babies and our Kids

I know that Scottsdale was at ground zero when it came to what they teaching for education. I believe it was Scottsdale is where they started calling us “domestic terrorists” – is this where they labelled us?

We Mamma Bears are “domestic terrorists” ? Well they haven’t seen anything yet

We will not let them poison our babies minds any more.

When I am Governor, if we have to legislate it, we will.

We are not going to send our boys off to school and have them coming home thinking that they are girls.

5:18 : ” You can call me radical. Im not a science major or a biology major, but I know one thing – There are two genders. And when we send our kids off to school we want them to learn something. Im so excited that we have ESA for All.

Its called Education Freedom, we can pick what schools we want to send our kids to, and if they are teaching a bunch of garbage – We can take our kids out and send them to another school. Im going to be honest, I thing thats the fastest way to turn these schools around.

How many of you own a business here?, raise your hand. If all of a sudden you are loosing your customers to your competition, you got to do a little soul searching and self reflection and asking what am I doing wrong and what are they doing right? I think thats the fastest way of turning these schools around that makes sense and actually educates our kids.”

SOURCE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-y2QgH_2aQ

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