Jenny Kying – Master’s Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Jenny Kyng studied art and acting before training as a Registered Nurse, graduating in 1988. After a couple of years working in general medical and haematology wards, she gravitated to working in an inner city public drug and alcohol facility and later spent many years working in an eating disorders ward.

Jenny learned how to run group therapy while working with drug and alcohol patients in various facilities and these skills came in handy during her subsequent experience in general mental health facilities.

In 2010 Jenny began studying counselling and psychotherapy, graduating in 2013 with a Masters Degree in these disciplines. She continued to run groups and began seeing private clients regularly. After a 30 year career spanning Australian hospitals and clinics in Sydney and Hobart, to which she had moved with her husband in 2014, Jenny retired from nursing to focus exclusively on group therapy and private counselling work in 2019. 

Jenny has a particular interest in trauma and abuse recovery and has for many years been a follower of the critical psychiatry movement, which views mainstream mental health care as inappropriately focused on the non-evidence-based “disease” model, excessively inclined to prescribe medication and physical treatments such as electro-shock therapy, and insufficiently attentive to the role of trauma and adversity in the development of emotional distress and behavioural difficulties. She is very keen to assist in the SOGI Taskforce’s mission of reducing and hopefully eliminating the many harms being done to children as a result of Queer Theory and gender identity ideology dominance in schools and most other institutions, including medical and psychological institutions.