Italy honors parents over gender ideology

‘Yes to the natural family! No to the LGBT lobby!’

July 17, 2023 – Yudi Sherman / Frontline

The Italian government is facing backlash for an order that recognizes only a child’s biological parents in same-sex surrogacies.

Italy stopped registering birth certificates with two mothers or two fathers earlier this year, but now in some cities even existing birth certificates are being invalidated, with parental rights being granted only to the biological parent. 

In the northern Italian city of Padua, Prosecutor Valeria Sanzari has voided at least 33 birth certificates listing two mothers. The non-biological mothers’ names will be stricken from the documents and removed from the children’s last names when applicable.

The Daily Mail reported Saturday that in the city of Bergamo, a same-sex female couple was notified by the municipal government that the woman who did not give birth to the child was being “canceled” as a parent. Only the biological mother will retain parental rights such as they apply to schooling, healthcare and other areas.

Italy’s Democratic Party Secretary Elly Schlein slammed the order and bemoaned how “these families are tired of being discriminated against” though the female Bergamo couple told an opposite story.

“[The mayor] was very supportive,” said Michela, the non-biological parent. “We have never felt any pressure from society. Everyone around us, in our families, friends, fellow teachers, have completely accepted our sexual orientation.”

Non-biological parents are also being removed from birth certificates in Florence, Milan and Fiumicino.

Globalists are condemning the Meloni administration for the move. Giorgia Meloni, elected as Italy’s first female prime minister last year, campaigned strongly on family values.

“Yes to the natural family! No to the LGBT lobby!” she exclaimed at a rally in Spain last year.

“We want a nation in which – whatever each person’s legitimate choices and free inclinations – it is no longer a scandal to say we are all born from a man and a woman,” Meloni said more recently.

In September, YouTube removed a Meloni speech that went viral for its passionate defense of “God, family and country” and attack on the globalist agenda. University of Nebraska’s sophomore starting punter Brian Buschini, who praised the video, was forced to apologize.

Meloni, who is scheduled to visit the White House at the end of the month, has been in office less than a year but has already angered globalist powers with her rejection of their ideologies.

In May, the Meloni administration recently backed a bill that aims to ban fake foods, including lab-grown meat, from the country. Violation of the bill carries a €60,000 ($67,263) fine.

The legislation follows another law passed by Meloni’s administration requiring that all food items which contain insects be labeled as such.

Globalist Western powers, along with the WEF, have been pushing public consumption of insects — again to battle “climate change — as a healthy source of protein. 

But according to the Financial Times, Meloni expressed her disgust for insect consumption.

“Insect products are arriving on supermarket shelves! Flour, larvae — good, delicious,” she said sarcastically in a recent video. “But when a product contains insects . . . we tell citizens with a nice visible label so they can choose whether to eat insects or not.”

At the same time, Meloni also rebuffed another globalist darling — ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot released in November and hailed by the World Economic Forum as “the start of the generative AI boom.” Users can chat with ChatGPT, which is programmed to generate automatic responses based on a machine-learning algorithm. The Microsoft-backed program has been confirmed to strongly promote globalist agendas, which includes creating a fake study to try to claim there are more than two genders.

The Meloni administration ordered in late March that both ChatGPT and its creator, San Francisco-based firm Open AI, be prohibited from processing data from users in Italy. The Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (GPDP) cited several concerns, including ChatGPT’s lack of age verification tools to block inappropriate answers for children and its use of user data to enhance its language model.

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YouTube Removes Incoming Italian Prime Minister Meloni’s Passionate Speech on Family Breakdown

September 28, 2022 –  CAROLINE DOWNEY / National Review

YouTube appears to have removed a version of a 2019 speech delivered by incoming Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni that focused on the ongoing leftist assaults on the family unit, God, and national identity.

As of Wednesday, the platform scrubbed the video, leaving a notice: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” However, other copies of the video of Meloni’s address at the World Congress of Families in Verona remain on the site.

The video went viral after Meloni’s Monday victory at the head of a right-wing coalition that captured 44 percent of the Italian electorate.

Youtube has maintained that it can restrict videos that feature “spam and deceptive practices,” “sensitive” material such as nudity, suicide, or vulgar language, “violent or dangerous content” such as “hate speech” or “harassment,” “regulated goods” such as firearms, and misinformation relating to elections, Covid-19, vaccines, etc. The company did not specify which rule Meloni’s speech broke.

In her passionate nationalistic message, Meloni, then leader of Italy’s right-wing Brothers of Italy party, railed against the progressive forces in her country that have sought to dismantle the family, tradition, objectivity, biology, and other foundations of society.

“They said it’s scandalous for people to defend the natural family founded on marriage, to want to increase the birth rate, to want to place the correct value on human life, to support freedom in education, and to say no to gender ideology” she declared. She repudiated the accusations that the World Congress of Families represents a step backward for Italy, saying leftists, who she said protested and tried to censor the event, are the regressive ones.

Meloni slammed surrogacy, which she called “degrading and abusive of women,” late-term abortion, and child gender transition hormone therapy. She called the low birth rate one of the “biggest problems facing Europe.”

“The embarrassing ones are those who support practices like “womb for rent,” abortion at nine months, and blocking the development of children with drugs at eleven years of age,” she said.

She rejected the claims that her party is anti-woman, pointing to the fact that she ran for mayor of Rome while pregnant, for which she was intensely criticized. Instead, she said her party is offering a compassionate, pro-human platform that contends that modernity has left women struggling and dissatisfied.

They are fighting for the “right of a woman to be a mother and not have to give up working as a result,” she said. “The right to be a mother, choose not to work, and not starve to death as a result. The right of a woman forced to have an abortion because she has no alternatives.”

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