It Is Time For Mental Health Professionals to Say, “Enough is Enough!” to the Trans Deception

March 28 2022 – Jon K. Uhler, MS, LPC

The Trans Movement is wreaking havoc on countless lives, with relatively few of us mental health professionals willing to call this what it is…the greatest man-made psychological lie, scheme, and scam ever foisted upon vulnerable young people with untreated mental health issues. The 13 so-called professionals (there are serious doubts in my mind that any of them should be called “professionals,” since they played a pivotal in launching this ruse), who comprised the DSM 5 working group for Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders (pg 10 in the DSM 5), facilitated the manufacturing of this darkened cult-like scheme, by appearing to be moderate, objective, and “reasonable”… which simply has enabled unethical “Transgender Medical Professionals” to bill for “treatments” related to so-called “Transgender” issues.
When it comes to the sterilization and amputation of young people with untreated mental health issues (many of whom show evidence of having been sexually groomed and abused), for those who take seriously their ethical and professional obligation to protect such vulnerable young people caught in the grips of a clinical delusion where they have become convinced that there are more than two genders, and that they have been “born in the wrong body,” there is simply no such things as a “reasonable compromise.” Thus, true protective clinicians will find themselves driven to step up and say what must be said, even at the risk of significant professional consequences.

Why have they allowed this fiasco by their abject silence, having seen the damaging outcomes of their work on young people, families, and society? There can only be one answer for such a lack of professional ethics and integrity. Because, they are Agenda-driven in their own right, and that is why they will not publically say they were wrong, and default back to the diagnosis of the DSM IV.


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