Independent News Sources

In an era where media is paramount, the significance of independent news channels is essential to help provide unbiased reporting and diverse perspectives, empowering readers to make informed decisions. With an unwavering commitment to defending the freedom of the press, all across Canada, strong men and women are standing firm in ensuring that we won’t be censured while fostering an environment for open discourse and safeguarding the right to access reliable information.


A channel with James Loewen’s original videos covering events, presentations and interviews where the issue is forced genital surgery on infants and children.

RH MEDIA Standing 4 Children

As a former educator of 30yrs, she recently resigned from the public school system on March 2021. Since then, she has presented speeches all over Lower Mainland B.C. regarding what is happening in education from kindergarten to university.

Beyond the Rift

Father David Tobor
Advocate for Child Rights and Protection.


Producer/Host/Correspondent/Partner at Liberty Talk Canada/


Press For Truth – Smashing The Pyramid One Brick At A Time!

Canadian Gender Report

A group of parents and professionals concerned about the medical transition of children, the introduction of gender identity teaching in our schools, and the changing legal landscape that replaces biological sex with the subjective notion of gender self-identity.

Affirmation Generation: The Lies Of Transgender Medicine

Documentary reveals the push to medicalize non-conforming youth, exposes the damage already done and warns of an epidemic of medical malpractice to come. Filmmakers have succeeded in getting their work on major streaming platforms! Coming to a Roku

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