In Russia, suddenly published a book about same-sex families

18-08-2021 Stanislav Kozhemyakin – Unian

From Dawn Till Dusk, Moms, Dads and Boys, is an American author Lawrence Schimel.

In Russia, where any mention of the acceptability of non-traditional sexual orientation can lead to jail, a children’s book about same-sex families has been published .

It is reported by The Guardian .

The publication, titled “From Dawn to Dusk, Moms, Dads and Boys”, was published in 500 copies by the Sphere Charitable Foundation.

The author of the original book is the American writer Lawrence Schimel.

It tells about two children who grow up in same-sex families – a boy with two moms and a girl with two dads.

As you know, in the Russian Federation there is a  law banning LGBT propaganda for children , so the children’s book came out with the label “18+”. However, Russians will still not find this edition in bookstores – Russian LGBT organizations and activists will receive the entire print run.

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Moreover, the initiators of the publication of the book admit that they did not experience any resistance from the Russian authorities.

The author Lawrence Shimel himself called for the abolition of the “gay propaganda law” in the Russian Federation, saying that this does not protect children from anything. He believes his book will help Russian children “not grow up into a brainwashed generation because of political homophobia.”

The book has already been published in English, Hungarian, Spanish, French, German and Italian. In Hungary, a scandal erupted because of this – the Líra Könyv bookstore chain was fined $830 for not indicating on the publications that they contain “content that deviates from the norm.”

Recall that earlier in Ukraine there was also a scandal due to the fact that the Ministry of Culture purchased 1240 copies of a children’s book about same-sex love for children’s libraries .


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