In Those We Trust

Education starts in the class room. The predators behind this assumed that if they slowly introduce materials such as books and videos to young people they will begin to accept it. Thats why they block Parents from the true meaning of SOGI123.

News articles have shown the evidence that school boards help this agenda continue along with out setting off alarm bells. If you examine every level of authority, it has put great amounts of time and money into pushing and protecting SOGI123. The truth about this agenda is everywhere. The corruption in the educational system can only be hidden for so long, the evidence of what is really going on and why – will shine through even the darkest lies.

The foundation of the BC School Act! Know it! Refer to it!
Sept 1, 1989 – https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/education/administration/legislation-policy/legislation/schoollaw/d/oic_128089.pdf

CUPE signs agreement to make K-12 schools safe and inclusive for all students
May 17 2019 – https://cupe.ca/cupe-signs-agreement-make-k-12-schools-safe-and-inclusive-all-students

B.C. Education Minister and partners in K-12 education issue statement in support of SOGI

Sept 16 2022

“In 2016, the B.C. Human Rights Code was amended to ensure that gender identity and expression are protected under the code. There is no room for any type of discrimination in our schools. As provincial education partners, we stand together in this commitment. All 60 school districts, independent and First Nations schools have SOGI-inclusive codes of conduct and policies in place and many are participants in the B.C. SOGI Educator Network. We have joined collaboratively with ARC Foundation and 11 education and community partner groups to form the Provincial K-12 SOGI Collaborative, officially committing to creating learning environments that are safe, respectful and welcoming for all B.C. students.

SOURCE : https://www.kimberleybulletin.com/news/b-c-education-minister-and-partners-in-k-12-education-issue-statement-in-support-of-sogi/