Evil Doctors Make BIG MONEY On Genital Mutilation Surgeries

June 4, 2023 – Stew Peters

The transition industrial complex is making millions off of confused people who believe the lie they can change their sex.

Kelly King AKA Scott Nugent, who was interviewed in the Daily Wire documentary “What Is A Woman”, is here to talk about her failed gender transition and the consequences evil doctors and hospitals don’t want the public to know about. Kelly began transitioning at the age of 42 and she ultimately blames herself for being duped by doctors.

Dr. Curtis Crane is a California doctor who moved to Texas to shield himself from medical malpractice lawsuits due to the state’s tort reform laws.
The effects of testosterone are not reversible and yet the medical enclave continues to lie to teens and children.

Transgenderism is a form of cosmetic surgery and leaves people mutilated.
Big pharma and the medical industrial complex are likely aware of the harm they are doing to patients. Sadly, they have factored in the damages they will inevitably have to pay out as a part of their business model.

The amount of the money they will eventually pay to victims will be far less than the profits overall. Gender dysphoria is a dissociation from reality.
This is a mental health crisis and instead of getting help hospitals and doctors are encouraging genital mutilation surgeries.

Kids who believed the lies of the left and took puberty blockers are realizing they made a giant mistake and are committing suicide.
Our society is butchering children and it must be stopped.

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source : https://stewpeters.com/video/2023/06/lgbt-freaks-target-children-evil-doctors-make-big-money-on-genital-mutilation-surgeries/

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