Elementary sex ed promoted puberty blockers, pubic hair art

May 31, 2023 –  JASON RANTZ 770 KTTH Radio Seatle, WA

An elementary school offered inappropriate sex ed lessons to students without parental consent or district approval, according to concerned parents and a community activist. Parents only found out about it after finding the lesson plans from their kids, not the school.

Fourth and fifth graders at Lincoln Elementary in the Olympia School District received sex education lessons on May 9. Parents said the school told them that the lessons were district-approved. But students were given unapproved lesson plans. Materials presented by Planned Parenthood included drawings of pubic hair shaped like an animal, and students were told they could pick from a number of contrived genders to identify as. Some of the materials promoted medication to block puberty.

Unhappy parents are now speaking out, one explaining the lessons were agenda-driven. But the district is not yet providing many details.

Agenda-driven elementary school sex ed

When parents sent their kids to school for sex education, they were told the curriculum would follow district-approved, “evidence-based” lesson plans. But that’s not what they got.

“Our primary concern for our kids is the fact that the school district presented the information as being very neutral and quite honestly basic pubescent/anatomy driven,” one father of a Lincoln Elementary student said in an email to The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “Then when we became privy to the actual content of the presentation (after the fact and at our own discovery, not the school’s disclosure) it was completely different.”

Some of the material is inoffensive, focused on ways to stay physically and mentally healthy. But according to other lessons in a pamphlet shared with The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, students were taught about gender identity and transition.

Pushing gender transition

Students were told that puberty blockers, like SUPPRELIN LA, are one of the “supplies that could be helpful during puberty!” It describes it as a “small, flexible implant.”

On another page of the pamphlet, students were told, “Some kids are he. Some kids are she. Some kids are they. And some kids have more pronouns to share because everyone belongs!” Students were asked to reflect on what “pronouns do you like to use? What feels good to you? Is there a way you like to describe your gender? If not, that’s okay!”

Students were also given a “gender wheel” worksheet as part of the elementary school sex ed. It listed different identities, like trans, intersex, drag king, trans femme, agender person, girlish boy, boi grrl, and nonbinary person. It introduces children to “they” and “ze” as pronouns (along with, inexplicably, “tree”) and teaches kids that “ways of thinking are changing all the time as old, limited beliefs transform and evolve.”

The concerned father asks why “‘fringe’ medical treatment” is being presented to 9 – 11 year old kids.

Sexually graphic drawings

The pamphlet also includes lessons on how “bodies can look all sots [sic] of ways!”

One page shows drawings of vaginas and penises with various kinds of pubic hair. Students saw vaginas with pubic hair art, with one shaped like a cat and another like a heart. Other drawings include “examples of intersex variation,” which show private parts with both male and female characteristics. Intersex people, at most, represent about 0.05% of the world population, but students would assume it’s much more common.

“The anatomical pictures seem to be playful or dismissive of the fact that an extremely small subset of the population are either intersex/transgender, but misrepresent them as a considerable chunk of the population,” the father told The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “Either or, here nor there … why are kids being made to question their bodies and what naturally occurs during puberty?”

Going ‘off-script’ with elementary sex ed

The presentation was reportedly conducted by Teen Council, a peer-led sex education program provided by Planned Parenthood. In this case, there was an adult reportedly leading the lesson.

A parent and community activist, who has been in contact with Lincoln Elementary parents upset about the lesson, said the principal apologized. The activist, who does not have a child in this class but helps parents expose classroom antics, told The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH that the school’s principal acknowledged the presenters “went off script” and claimed the school was “also surprised and did not know what they were going to do.” She said parents were promised that the school would not use the presenter in the future.

But how could the school permit this group unfettered access to the classroom without approving the lessons? Perkins said the principal acknowledged that the presenter indicated they would stick to the approved curriculum. It’s unclear why a teacher did not intervene when they heard the inappropriate content.

School and district reacts

The district did not respond directly to questions from The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH about the lesson plan beyond saying the screenshots provided were not part of the district-approved curriculum. The spokesperson said, “We are investigating the matter and working with staff to get more information to determine next steps.”

The principal for Lincoln Elementary sent an email to parents this week. A screenshot of the email was shared with the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

“I want to make you aware that materials that are not part of the school district’s approved sexual health curriculum were distributed on May 9th in class. We are investigation the matter and working with staff to get more information to determine next steps. If you have any questions, please reach out to me,” the email said.

When the Teen Council isn’t baking cookies to look like genitalia, they provide agenda-driven trainings around the region. According to their Instagram page, the training includes “Pornography Through a Critical Lens,” and “the intersectionality of fatphobia, [and] the medicalization of fatness.” Why would they be utilized for anything on campus to begin with?

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