DRAG ‘EM OUT FIGHT: Scuffle outside drag queen story time at Sask children’s museum

Oct 18, 2022 – Christopher Oldcorn Western Standard News

Protesters had a “minor scuffle” outside of a drag storytelling event for young children at the Nutrient Wonderhub children’s museum in Saskatoon.

There were two groups at the protest, a pro-LGBTQ group supporting the event and another group protesting the Sunday drag event as “sexualizing” and “grooming” children.

There were several minor incidents, including a woman in the protesting group allegedly threatening the LGBTQ group with bear mace and the LGBTQ allegedly grabbed and took away the protesting group’s signs.

The Saskatoon Police Service was at the event and spoke to the leaders of both groups, asking them to control their groups so no criminal charges would be served.

Some books being read to the young children were Julian is a Mermaid, Mary Wears What She Wants, A Little Bit Different, I Love My Colourful Nails, My Princess Boy, and Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.

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The YXE Drag Collective event was part of the Culture Days at the museum. 

A mother in the protest group, who is a childhood development trauma counsellor and wanted her name withheld, told SaskToday that she was “deeply disturbed” by the event.

“But those books are on a certain subject and the way they are being presented is not appropriate for children below 12 years of age. The way their [children’s] brains develop and how they are social and emotional development happens that is not appropriate,” she said.

“Because children below the age of 12 are very impressionable and whatever happens in their environment, they soak it up like sponges. What I think these events do, is they don’t only portray women in a very degrading way, I’m a woman and a mother, I don’t look like them.”

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Rob, one leader of the protest group asked for his last name to be withheld, said the protest group was exercising their right to freedom of speech and accused the event of promoting the sexualization of children.

“We’re protesting the fact that they are having drag queen story time, male strippers, men dressed as women. Sexualizing our children and it is absolutely absurd that in this day and age that this thing is allowed to go on,” said Rob.

“This is happening in many places, not just here. This is happening all over North America. I will say it again, ‘why do adults want to sexualize these kids?’ They won’t answer that. When I ever call it pedophilia, they don’t seem to have a problem. They don’t seem to have a problem with pedophilia.”

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Reading with Royalty was one of the programs at the Wonderhub in Saskatoon during Culture Days. 

Amanda Hawkins, a two-spirit person, said the event was “age appropriate” for children and the protesters do not understand that drag is a “performing art.”

“It’s not perverse in any way. It’s some people dressed up in fabulous makeup and outfits reading age appropriate literature to children on inclusivity, self-acceptance, and love. I honestly do not know what they are mad about,” said Hawkins.

“I feel they just do not understand what it means to be doing drag and they think that exposing children to gender-diverse people is grooming them. What are most movies and cultures? It’s straight. So, why are there no little queer babies? When do people become gay?”

A male protester, who asked for his name to be withheld, said had a pushing match with some members of the LGBTQ group.

“I was surrounded by them and they would not let me move forward. They were pushing me back and I had to push back to defend myself. These are very aggressive and antagonistic people. They want to get us into some kind of a fight,” he said.

SOURCE : https://www.westernstandard.news/news/drag-em-out-fight-scuffle-outside-drag-queen-story-time-at-sa sk-children-s-museum/article_3236d068-4f16-11ed-abba-037a53df0f25.html

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