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The Lies of Transgender Medicine” features the stories of six young detransitioners (three men and three women). They sought medical help but instead were irreversibly harmed by their Doctors following the one-size-fits-all “gender-affirming care.”

Disconnected: The Real Story Behind the Transgender Explosion

Over the past few years, a transgender tsunami has swept the nation, completely overtaking the medical, educational, and counseling industries, and forever altering hundreds of thousands of young girls’ lives.

What is going on? How did it come to this? Who is behind it? And what is coming next?

Filmmaker and father Don Johnson traveled the country to find out. WEBSITE

The War on Children

The Comprehensive Sexual Education Agenda

Documentary Directed by Sharon Slater WEBSITE

Child is Not Transgender

What is branded as sexual liberation for children is no more than the make belief that children can master life choices that few adults are able to make. Children without sufficient worldly experiences are being milked by the SOGI profit machine for all they are worth. In recent years, an increasing number of people are beginning to regret their transition choices earlier in life.

Source SlipperySlopes

The Detransition Diaries


Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?

Experts, activists, parents & educators discussing the medical and surgical transitioning of children. 52 min

Reversing a Gender Transition

In October 2012, Carey Callahan began a course of bimonthly intramuscular testosterone injections. After years of harassment and discomfort in her female body, she had made the decision to transition to being male. In the short term, she was happy. But she soon discovered that life as a transgender man was not what she had expected. Read more:

The Gender Agenda : Keep out of Reach of Children

It has key messages from individuals who have lived as transgender who were able to resolve their gender dysphoria and embrace their biological sex. It also includes testimony from doctors and psychologists who share the science and medical facts related to gender identity issues, including the physical harms that emanate from failed attempts to “transition” to the opposite sex. They show that this is medically impossible. by FamilyWatch


Four-part documentary series on the rise of Gender Identity Ideology, its effects on women and girls – especially in developing countries.

Part One – Being A Woman In A Woman Hating World

Part Two – Medicalisation

Part Three – Trans Regret

Part Four – For A Gender Critical Future

( 2021 – Lime Soda Films )

Detransitioning – Stories Behind Reversing a Gender Transition

May 15, 2019 – Episode of Mic Dispatch, Mic correspondent Serena Daniari reports on the process of detransitioning — or reversing a gender transition. She talked to two individuals who detransitioned for very different reasons. Here are their stories.

Identity Crisis

Detransitioner Loses Natural Singing Voice After ‘Gender Affirming Care’


Identity Crisis

After ‘Top Surgery’ & Hormones, Female Detransitioner Decided She Wanted to Be a Mom


What Is A Woman

Only Enemies

GenderMapper takes a close look at TV Show Transgender Kids



The Trans Train – Sweden (2019)

The Trans Train 

Part 1 : The lack of research into the change in the presentation to gender clinics towards teenage girls is worrying to many parents and clinicians. This documentary follows up some of those young women who felt they had made a mistake in following a medical path.

The Trans Train

Part 2 : Swedish politicians argue that fifteen-year-olds with gender dysphoria [sic] should be allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery without consent from their parents. If not permitted, it is said that ​they are at great risk of committing suicide. But is this really true? Swedish news programme Mission, continues to investigate transgender health care and explores the arguments put forward by politicians.

The Trans Train

Part 3 : Having seen referrals to gender clinics in Sweden drop by up to 65% over the last quarter of 2019, clinicians attribute it in part to the media coverage sparked by this documentary series. This update from Autumn 2020, shows how some clinics are beginning to take a more critical look at what is happening to young people identifying as transgender.