DeTransitioner Warns of Gender Surgeries

After 32 Surgeries to Battle Self Image Issues, Oli London Found God & His Faith

Nov 14, 2022 – EWTN News Nightly

He calls himself a voice and a role model for any teen struggling with gender confusion. British-born Oli London’s battle with self image issues led him to seek plastic surgery 32 times over a series of choices he says were fueled by his own distorted body image and social media. Oli London joins to tell us about his journey to the truth about himself.

He takes us to before his first surgery when he was 13 and struggling with his self image. He was bullied to the point of considering changing his appearance. In 2013, he had his first surgery while in Korea, which resulted in a a snowball effect that led to many more surgeries. After regretting what he did to himself, London found God and his faith.

He discusses whether there were any outside influences that encouraged him to go through with the surgeries. London shares what he would tell parents of struggling adolescents. London explains what message he has for school boards pushing gender ideology onto children.


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