Dads Speak Out! Against the Dangerous Ideologies Harming the Kids

Sep 23, 2023 – RH Media

Listen to 5 Amazing fathers who have continued to be on the front lines of the war for our children’s minds in education These dads share their personal awareness, and struggle to keep their children safe from SOGI, gender ideology, explicit books in their schools.

Jim is a teacher who was fired from telling their students the truth. Barry a former school trustee who has been to supreme courts to rid of soggy in education. CD a father shares his horrific story of trying to keep his daughter safe, and what government has done. Shannon has lost his daughter to the gender war. Geoff has toured United States in raising awareness of harms in schools

List of dads : Jim McMurty, Barry Neufeld, Geoff, Shannon Boschy, and CD hoping this inspires, motivates, and encourages more dads, uncles, grandfathers, and concerned men 🙂

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