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Subject: Systemic Mental and Sexual Abuse in Public School


Mrs. Whiteside,

I am concerned that the Abbotsford School Board has made no effort to inform parents about the controversial topics taught to our children at school, such as gender expressions, sexual identities, and use history as a battleground between people of different races. Despite the good intentions of the discussion, given the numerous updates, emails, and meetings, open communication with parents is not a priority for the board.

Educators should encourage students to strive for excellence, be resilient in the face of adversity, and be independent thinkers. They should teach students the diversity of thought and respect dissenting views. Educators should also be mindful of students’ personal boundaries and stop subjecting them to woke conversations in a classroom full of their peers. They should empower students rather than instruct them to scan for oppression and micro-aggressions constantly. The trend in teaching towards Critical Pedagogy, with its emphasis on bringing politics into the classroom, deprives students of a balanced education, free of bias, and the ability to analyze all available evidence to develop informed judgments.

Educators are touching on several contentious ideas that can be subject to misinterpretation depending on how they are framed. Knowing whether students walk away with a healthy understanding of the world around them is made even more difficult when parents are not informed. School board transparency is important for parents who play the central role in the way our children view themselves.

The Abbotsford School Board may have been misled by sexual deviants to believe that it was acceptable to allow the distribution of obscene materials and pursue a dangerous ideological agenda without considering the well-being of our children. Even if this is accepted by the ministry of education who was previously also misled by a convicted pedophile Ben Levin (the former deputy of education and pedophile convicted of possessing child pornography, making child pornography, and counseling the indictable offense of sexual assault).

For your information here are some evidence showings that there is a real systemic mental and sexual abuse within the public-school systems, that have been growing quite a lot for the past 10 years. I hope you will take the time to read it. I have a lot more. I tried my best to condense this email, but the documents were too large, so the full letter is attached below. Note that I will forward this email to all (see file attached) Trustees and Principals in BC and remind them that if a child is at risk of child abuse, neglect, exposure to sexually explicit material, etc., they have a legal and moral responsibility to report their suspicions.

Jon Uhler and Anne Gillies are attached to this email, both have extensive knowledge of the important matter discussed here and I am sure they will be glad to have a conversation with you.

God bless you all.


Full letter:

Communication with the School Board:

Email to Scott Piatkowski:


Thank you, from a concerned father of 4 children.

Pierre Barns, 778-344-2045

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Over 200 cases of child sexual abuses, grooming, and child porn possession within the 800 cases of teacher’s misconduct Canada, BC Databases:

Ontario Case:

Alberta Case:

The Corren Agreement:

Full Books Review:

Ben Levin:


The BCTF back in 2018 knew that they did not have enough time to explore the materials.

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In February 2019 students at the Robert Bateman Secondary School were compelled to watch an online video that idolized a mass murderer, featured child pornography and the violent sexual assault of a minor, and the normalizing of vulgarity and abnormal ideas about relationships.

Abbotsford high school teacher compelled students to watch HBO 'incel' porn video | (

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Previously at the same school in May of 2018, Henry Kang, a 50-year-old teacher who had taught at both Robert Bateman and W.J. Mouat secondary schools, was charged with two counts each of sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

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In 2018 Michael Haire, 38, a former vice-principal of William A. Fraser Middle School In a statement, has been charged with making available child pornography and possession of child pornography. Thousands of videos and images of child pornography and child abuse have been found on Haire devices.

Abbotsford vice principal suspended, then resigns, after being charged with child pornography crimes | CBC News


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Travis Mitchell taught at Hillcrest Elementary, worked at Boys and Girls Club was sentenced for child pornography possession.

Former B.C. teacher, kids club leader sentenced for child pornography possession – Abbotsford News (


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James Douglas Klassen Abbotsford middle school teacher was suspended for inappropriate touching of students after being warned to stop.

Abbotsford middle school teacher suspended for inappropriate touching of students after being warned to stop – Abbotsford News (

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Interior Health’s top doctor Dr. Albert de Villiers charged with sex crimes against child in Alberta.

Interior Health’s top doctor charged with sex crimes against child in Alberta – Abbotsford News (

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Clearly the police are doing a good job, but the ministry of education still allowed sexual deviant and pedophile to access student and facilitate the grooming of student..

Here is some of what is included in the full letter, as well as what is provided to at school to children in middle and elementary school.


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Description automatically generatedThe Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine. (Pt. 2) An interview with Alix Aharon

Medical Rape: Coerced Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, and Lymphadenectomy- Hormones Matter I Survived Gender-Affirming Surgery During a Pandemic - Rewire News Group

Teet Yeet, Teetus Deletus: Top Surgery - OUT FRONT A person with no shirt

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