Concerned Father Confronts School Board With Pornographic Images From School’s Own Libraries

And Gets The Right Response From A Trustee!

June 24, 2022 – James Pew / Woke Watch Newsletter

On June 21st, father and concerned citizen Pierre Barns did something that is typical for him. He emailed a bunch of pornographic images to Canadian school trustees. 

Before you accuse Pierre of perversion or depravity, it is worth noting that the sources of the images were the libraries under the care of the trustees who were sent them. Below I’ve included Pierre’s full email to the Trustees (with some of the links to the images mentioned). But first, take a look at this response coming from Amy Collard, Halton District School Board Trustee, Burlington, Ward 5, who appears not to have noticed that the images came from the school libraries she is in part responsible for:

Subject: Re: Halton School District Ontario – Books Concerns


I am concerned. This individual has included links to publications and videos which may actually contain illegal content.

I’m not sure how to investigate the content of the email safely. Would you please advise us whether or not this person ought to be reported to police? Is there some action we should take?


Amy Collard (she/her)
Halton District School Board Trustee
Burlington, Ward 5

Another image found in a book included in Canadian school libraries (K-12), notice the scar lines depicted after the imagined top surgery

Thankfully the Halton District School Board appears to have a voice of reason. Amy is correct to be concerned. Hopefully she will continue pushing the other trustees and school administrators for answers, because the material being exposed is not appropriate for children. Read why in this eloquent letter by father, concerned citizen and badass, Pierre Barns:

Dear Trustees,

The government gave authority for education governance to locally elected
school boards. School trustees are elected to local school boards to act for the legislature and for their local community.

School trustees exist for the children, and their role is to guide, protect, defend, and advocate for them. Therefore, educational policies are developed on what is best for the growth, protection, and development of the whole child.

Trustees partner with the parents as they provide the children with the best possible teachers and educational opportunities. In doing so, they cannot
usurp the role of the parents and family.

It seems that the process of guiding, protecting, defending, and advocating
for our children is at serious risk.

Most authorities believe our schools are safe. Others are beginning to question that point of view.

Why? Look what’s been happening in our schools. Safe zones, safe spaces, safe sex, safe puberty blockers, safe cross-sex hormone, safe “gender clinics”, and now safe sexually explicit material in the school library. Our children are no longer safe! They are in danger.

Child Sexual Abuse by K-12 School Personnel in Canada

As a parent and Canadian citizen, I am concerned about the safety and well-being of those children under your authority. I have reason to believe that children or youth have been or could be likely abused or neglected based on what I have seen and the information I have found on your library site. I believe that books and information found on your library site cause severe risks to the safety and well-being of our children under your authority and care. Children ages 5 years old and up to 17 years old at the schools cited below have been or are at risk of being exposed to these books
containing sexual references, sexual activity, and sexual material. Some
books also show children and adults engaged in or depicted as engaged in
explicit sexual activity. The main characteristics of those books relate to
sexual activity and expose children to individuals engaging in sexually explicit acts, including exposure to adult pornography, and encouraging children to masturbate or watch others masturbate.

These books have a sinister agenda. They are not guided by any universal
standards of right and wrong. Their foul language lifts the boundaries most
parents have set for their children and presents a malevolent dimension that
must be curtailed and eliminated. They are used to desensitize children and
make them easy prey for predators. Rather than guiding and protecting our
children, keeping these books in the libraries offers up our defenseless
children to the degradation of immoral authors and others of their ilk. In
addition, it makes it easier for potential abusers to target our children.

On the one hand, in the name of political correctness, we claim to protect our children from racism and our inconvenient history, while on the other
hand, in the name of diversity, we expose them to pornography and toxic sexual behavior.  I understand that resources must be inclusive and suitable based on diverse social considerations. Nevertheless, resources are to be age-appropriate and within the boundary of the rules of law.

According to the Canadian Center for Child Protection, non-contact sexual
abuse is as follows:

* Encouraging a child to masturbate or watch others masturbate
* Secretly recording or observing a child in a private situation for a sexual purpose (voyeurism)
* Exposing a child to individuals engaging in sexually explicit acts
(including exposure to adult pornography)
* Exposing a child to child sexual abuse material
* “Flashing” or exposing genitals to a child
* Communicating over technology to make it easier to commit a specific
sexual offense against a child (luring a child)
* Taking a picture or recording a video of a child’s sexual organs for a sexual purpose

In good faith, I would advise the School Board to immediately remove those
books from the library, contact the librarian, review those books with teachers and parents, and review material selection policies. Please advise on how and when the board will proceed.

I include the following information to help you better understand the
abovementioned concern. Please do not hesitate to ask if you need more
information regarding those books in your library system.

Kind Regards,
Pierre Barns

Canadian Trustees raising their concern about the contents of the book in school:

Here is a video of a Mother in the USA complaining to the school board about
the book The Glass Castle:

Here are some screenshots of the book It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie H.
Harris and Michael Emberly
are available at the following schools:

Here are some screenshots of the book Sex is a Funny Word by Cory Silverberg
available at the following Schools:

Here are some screenshots of the book a Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and
Trans Identities by Mady G & R and JR Zucherberg available at the following:

Here are some screenshots of the book Rick available at the following

Here are some screenshots of the book The Hate U Give available at the
following school:

Here are some screenshots of the book The Glass Castle available at the
following School:

Here are some screenshots of the book Fun Home by Alison Bechdel available
at the following Schools:

Here are some screenshots of the book All Boys aren’t Blue a memoir-manifesto by George M. Johnson available at the following School:


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