Cindy Carpenter – British Columbia

Cindy is a passionate activist and founder of Justice for Childhood Innocence, an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights and protection of innocent children. Her journey as an activist was fueled by a personal tragedy when her sister was murdered in January 1995 by a sexual predator who was released after serving only two-thirds of his sentence. This devastating event sparked a fire within Cindy to fight against sexual abuse and work towards preventing such heinous crimes.

In September 1995, Cindy, along with her family and dedicated volunteers, organized a rally outside the Ottawa Parliament buildings to demand justice and raise awareness. Since then, she has tirelessly fought against the exploitation and abuse faced by children, setting up information tents across British Columbia to inform parents about systemic abuse and grooming in Canadian schools.

As a single mother raising her three children, Cindy’s dedication to protecting her own children drives her to speak out more and advocate for the need to protect all children. She understands that the well-being of children is crucial for the future of our world. Cindy’s compassionate nature allows her to engage in discussions with different viewpoints, always approaching them with kindness and empathy. Cindy’s efforts go beyond her own family as she recognizes that systemic abuse and grooming affect countless children across the country. In addition to her advocacy work, Cindy has set up information tents across British Columbia, providing a vital platform to inform parents about the systemic abuse and grooming occurring within Canadian schools. By setting up information tents and sharing vital information, she seeks to empower and protect children in Canadian schools, while also raising awareness among parents and the wider community. Recognizing the urgent need to raise awareness and educate parents, she takes the initiative to create spaces where concerned parents can access crucial information and resources. Through these information tents, Cindy strives to empower parents with knowledge about the realities of abuse and grooming, enabling them to take proactive measures to protect their children.

Additionally, Cindy experienced the heartbreaking loss of her brother in December 2021 to the opioid crisis. Despite their estrangement due to his toxic lifestyle, the tragedy shed light on the failures within the justice system and the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to address addiction and provide appropriate support.

Through her activism, Cindy aims to create awareness, foster understanding, and advocate for systemic changes. She strives to bridge divides, inspire dialogue, and work towards solutions that protect the rights and safety of children. Her unwavering commitment, personal experiences, and the establishment of Justice for Childhood Innocence make her a powerful force in advocating for justice, protection, and the innocence of children.

Overall, Cindy’s tireless efforts, compassion, and determination serve as an inspiration, reminding us of the importance of safeguarding the well-being of children.

Justice for Childhood Innocence outside the BC Teacher Federation Office in Vancouver

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