Doctor McKee

Dr. McKee is in the business of chopping off young girls healthy breasts under the name of Gender Affirming Care in B.C. He is destroying young girls.

The Dark Reality Behind Transgender Medicine – Three-Part Series

“A massive lie, a contrived and fraudulent agenda-driven Movement, an incredibly nefarious deception… being pushed by nefarious “special interests” (namely select greedy doctorsbiomedical companiesbig pharmaselect drug makerssocial engineers, and  Sexual Predators), which is predicated upon a man-made psychological myth… being strategically marketed by means of the techniques borrowed by some of the most sophisticated of cults (such as Scientology and NXIVM)… being promoted via the deception of “gender fluidity,” which is preying upon confused and vulnerable kids… leaving them physically, emotionally, and psychologically scarred. That is why I assert it is better called the Trans Deception. And, as the charts and graphs found throughout this blog will clearly reveal, this is not a “trend” or an “organic Movement,” but a carefully orchestrated and brilliantly marketed scheme… leaving scarred young people in its wake. And, that is why I am calling upon my fellow mental health professionals, and all professionals who serve as Mandated Reporters, to take the public step, to say with me, “Enough is Enough!” of this grand deception that is targeting vulnerable young people, and leaving them emotionally and physically scarred for life. ” from SurvivorSupport

Trans youth’s TikTok surgeon heads for clash with lawmakers

MARCH 24 2022 – https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/community-family/trans-youths-tiktok-surgeon-heads-for-clash-with-lawmakers


Well, well. Another win for gender dysphoric kids with doctors at Sydney’s Westmeade children’s hospital kicking up about transitioning kids. 

Australian Doctor News 

Gender dysphoria: Doctors lament ‘conveyor belt’ treatment for kids

6th May 2021
By Kemal Atlay

A group of Sydney clinicians is concerned that families are pinning hopes on pills rather than broader psychosocial therapies
Doctors treating children and teens with gender dysphoria have opened up about feeling pressured to presibe puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones before non-medical interventions, such as psychotherapy, have been explored.

More information: Human Systems: Therapy, Culture and Attachments 2021; 22 Apr.

SOURCE: https://bcsogi.ca/may-6-2021-doctors-lament-conveyor-belt-treatment-for-kids/

TRANS CARE British Columbia: Surgeons

Trans Care BC – Surgeons (pdf)