Boys aged eight are sent home with ‘puberty kit’

Boys aged eight are sent home with ‘puberty kit’ including pantiliners and maxi pads by Connecticut Elementary School after being shown videos about gender identity

June 7, 2023 – NEIL HAGUE

Parents in Granby, Connecticut, are furious after elementary school students were shown a video discussing gender identity and sent home with puberty kits.

Parents at the Wells Road Intermediate school say their 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders were shown the video, in which children discuss identifying outside the gender binary and wave pride flags around.

‘Pride means you should be able to be free. All my life I never really felt like a boy and I don’t really feel like a girl. So I’d rather be both,’ says one child in the video called Simon who identifies as he/they.

Many parents believe their children are too young to be learning about these topics and claim they were not warned about the Pride month programming in advance.

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