Book review by Pastor, North Carolina School Board

May 18, 2023 – Fox News

North Carolina pastor is sounding the alarm on a sexually explicit book available to children after he was interrupted during a heated school board meeting while trying to read a passage from the text.

Rev. John Amanchukwu slammed officials sitting on the Asheville City School Board of Education Monday for making the controversial book depicting various sexual actsavailable in school libraries. 

“If you don’t want to hear it in a school board meeting, why should children be able to check it out of the school system?” he said after officials cut him off when reading from the book. “We have perverts that are perverting our kids, and you all sit back, smug in your chairs and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion, but you want me to read it, so you can hear it.”

Amanchukwu called “It’s Perfectly Normal,” a book described as a sexual health guide for families, “hardcore porn” that “glorifies masturbation while speaking against religion” during “Fox & Friends First.”

“This book is used as a tool to create what I call mental rape in the hearts and the minds of children,” Amanchukwu told co-host Todd Piro Thursday. “We are robbing kids of their innocence in America as we allow diversity, inclusion and equity to dominate our schools. And so many of our librarians are bringing this kind of material into the public school system because they believe that children need to see themselves on the shelf. 

“I don’t believe that this is perfectly normal. I believe that this is perfectly perverted and it needs to stop,” he continued. 

Amanchukwu argued the broader issue with the book in question involves educators’ need to play into the “issue of acceptance” so “everyone’s welcome” and “everyone’s invited.”

Regardless, he reiterated the notion that controversial sexual-related topics should be off limits in the classroom, and only be addressed at home between a parent and child. 

“I’m against these things because parents should talk about these things at home,” Amanchukwu said. “If a parent wants to talk about masturbation and be explicit with their children and show them pornographic images, I don’t advise it. I don’t think it’s something that they should do, but that should be something that takes place at home. But when we rob our kids of their innocence, we’re leading in a sense… down a slippery slope.”

The Asheville City school board responded to Fox News’ request for comment saying, “Parents have a right under federal law to inspect all instructional and supplementary materials as part of any applicable federally funded programs.”

The book is also accessible in school libraries in Maine and New York.

The Bonny Eagle School Board of Education in Maine had no comment. 

“The book in question is an optional supplementary resource for parents that has never been used in the classroom,” Faculty Chair of the Waldorf School of Garden City, Kelly O’Halogan, said in response. 

“We are in a bad place in America. America is spiraling downward, and it’s time to storm the cockpit as we talk about gender theory and queer theory, and we turn the schools woke,” Amanchukwu said. “Our children are underperforming. Our students are in reading on grade level. They’re not doing math on grade level. Our achievement rates are down.”

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May 15, 2023 – Twitter REVWUTRUTH

This book, It’s Perfectly Normal, is in the Asheville School District in, NC. As a matter of fact, it’s in numerous school districts around the country.

The board, as expected, didn’t want me to read it, but 10 yeard olds can read it and view all of the pornography it propagates.

Was it something I said? Or was it something I read?

Go to to support the ERACED project and help me take my message around the country! A special thanks to for archiving all of the gender theory/queer theory/woke books in NC. PEP is an EPIC organization.

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