BC Teacher sends students home with questions by mistake, Parents alarmed

Sept 11, 2023 – Emily Duggan, Moms Against The Norm

Students of Trafalgar Middle School in Nelson British Columbia let the cat out of the bag last week when they brought home a Student Information Sheet that was never meant to leave the classroom.

Tune in to see what really goes on, On School Grounds as I share with you what School District 8 teacher Sharon Inkpen suggested to a grade 9 class through way of a Student Information Form.

What would you do if your child was given a form from a teacher that suggested dishonest communication between student, teacher and “home adults”? Why don’t you go ahead and let Ms Inkpen kindly know.

VIDEO : https://rumble.com/v3goevb-on-school-grounds-1-inkpen.html

source : https://rumble.com/v3goevb-on-school-grounds-1-inkpen.html

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