“BC Human Rights Tribunal is a joke: a kangaroo court run by radicals with no legal expertise.”

This complaint has been hanging over my head with no resolution since January 2018: FIVE AND A HALF YEARS! That is a miscarriage of Justice! If I were charged with a bloody murder, the Court would throw out the charge if it had not been resolved within two years.

Four years ago, they made a feeble attempt to resolve it by a restorative justice process. I said sure! To begin an RJ process, we must ask:
Who has been harmed?
What are their needs?
How can we make things right?

But they could not come up with the names of anyone who was harmed.

But Judge Mayer thought my application to dismiss the frivolous complaint was “PREMATURE!” So, now the BC Human Rights Tribunal has set the hearing for June 2024! Nearly EIGHT YEARS after the complaint was filed! PREPOSTEROUS!

Ask any lawyer privately, and they will tell you the BC Human Rights Tribunal is a joke: a kangaroo court run by radicals with no legal expertise. But they would never dare to say that publicly, or our corrupt judges would discipline or disbar them.

I was prevented from entering schools for nearly five years, and I have not been a school trustee for almost two years! How can I be a danger to any teacher?

When I appeared in Court for this hearing in June, most of the Executive of the Chilliwack Teacher’s Association were there, as well as Clint Johnson, the President of the BC Teacher’s Federation, who happens to live in Chilliwack.

By pursuing this complaint, the union leaders are destroying the privileged reputation teachers used to enjoy. They, along with the cowardly physicians, are becoming a despised profession, no better than used car salesmen, pimps and dope pushers. They can’t give any logical reason why their beloved Queer Theory benefits any child, so they resort to name-calling and destroying reputations to silence any dissent.

written by Barry Neufeld

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