School Trustees are there to protect students, that’s what Neufeld had been doing for over 20 years, but SOGI 123 agenda trigged some alarm bells. As Neufeld spoke up, those involved in the SOGI 123 agenda tried to put pressure on him to make him silent. He has tried to share what is really going on and will be speaking in Supreme Court about this in late 2022.

Aug 21, 2019 Speaking engagement at the Courageous Christians Conference, Sept 21, Vancouver, BC

B.C. school trustee under fire for gender identity curriculum comments

1,451 views Oct 25, 2017 Outrage is growing after a B.C. school trustee posted a rant online blasting the province’s sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum.

Oct 24, 2017

As Barry Neufeld from the Chilliwack School Board stood up to the SOGI123 movement, Press was determined to put pressure on him and make him stop defending what is right. Neufeld knows this is wrong and that Parents need to open their eyes to see what this agenda is really about.

Barry Neufeld gets taken to the Supreme Court of Canada

Apr 18, 2022 Laura-Lynn Interviews Trustee Barry Neufeld about his upcoming case in the Supreme Court of Canada: a fight to protect children

Christian Nationalists Are Organizing Against LGBTQ Education Resources in Schools

Far-right group Action4Canada says its mission is to “make Canada great again.”

by Rumneek Johal, BC Reporter September 26, 2022

B.C. trustee apologizes after ‘child abuse’ comments about gender identity

CTVNews October 26, 2017