Australia : No Sex Self Identification In Queensland 

Oct 23 2022 – Coalition for Biological Reality

IWD BM public meeting coming up on Saturday 12 November 2022

Attorney General and Minister for Women Shannon Fentiman has promised the Greens she will introduce the legislation this year, to enable any man who says he’s a woman to access women’s fitting rooms, changerooms, accommodation in DV shelters and prison, public toilets etc. Shannon intends to do this by enabling anyone to falsify their birth certificate to say they are the opposite sex to the one they are.

Women have been specifically excluded from the consultations. Women’s groups have been denied the opportunity to express our concerns with the AG or any of her staff. Now we invite Shannon to come to us. We invite every Qld Govt Minister, Labor MP, LNP MP to listen to women by attending the meeting.

The stronger our public meeting is, the greater our chances of pushing the AG to delay her legislation until next year (and eventually dropping it).

The public meeting will be at the Royal on the Park, Alice St Brisbane CBD. Arrive at 12.30pm, leave at 3.30pm following afternoon tea.

Women and decent men say NO! Sex self identification breaches women’s and girls’ safety, privacy, dignity, rights.

Hear what women have to say. Our speaker lineup of Qld and interstate women is sterling.

Hear from the side that’s silenced by the State, the big corporations and the MSM especially ‘our’ ABC and SBS.

To register for this public meeting, email

While there is no charge to register, contributions to costs would be warmly appreciated. IWD Brisbane Meanjin bank account. BSB 633000 Account Number 164001489.

You must register by 2 November.

SOURCE : Coalition for Biological Reality

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