Angry Parents React Against SOGI ‘Cult’ Agenda

September 5 2017

Immediate Release:

Sept. 5, 2017 ( — Just as children are flocking back to school, parents across BC have reacted angrily to collusion by the Ministry of Education with a so-called ‘charity’ to force the ‘SOGI 123’ curriculum into all BC schools—in every grade level.

Many are now joining a new parents’ rights organization, Parents United Canada (PUC) to oppose the SOGI agenda. ‘SOGI’ stands for ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’, and SOGI ‘leaders’ have already been recruited by the radical teachers’ union, BC Teachers’ Federation, to promote it in most school districts.

“SOGI is simply a rebranding of LGBTQ2S++,” says social activist Kari Simpson, Executive Director for CultureGuard. “It’s a political cult, expanding globally—and according to the School Act, which prohibits sectarian influence in the classroom, that’s illegal.”

“SOGI lesson plans incorporate well-known brainwashing techniques, designed to create confusion in children, and to exploit their vulnerability. Starting in kindergarten, little 4- and 5-year-olds have their sense of reality undermined. All children have a mom and a dad—that’s a biological reality—but SOGI perverts these facts. SOGI abuses children with delusion, confusion and emotion to promote a political agenda designed to alter Canadian culture.”

She also said that the secret one-day mid-summer session of the BC Legislature that added the undefined terms ‘gender identity’ and ‘gender expression’ to the BC Human Rights Code “was a strategic assault against British Columbians and their liberties. Ramming it through first, second and third readings plus a token ‘committee referral’ all in one day doesn’t pass the smell test. The fix was in.

“The public wasn’t made aware of the unusual July 26, 2016 session that passed that bill in one day,” she said. “But about 100 sex activists were well aware of it, and filled the public gallery. Some of them were recognized from the floor by MLAs on both sides of the House, who went out with the activists after the bill passed to celebrate their ‘victory’.”

The tidal wave of opposition to SOGI began a week ago with a parents information rally in Langley, which drew an overflow crowd of about 250 to a small community hall. That meeting launched a new parents’ rights organization, Parents United Canada. Thousands have already joined and more are calling daily.

sogi rally

At the parents’ information rally in Langley August 29, more than five hundred copies of the Declaration of Parents Rights were taken home by parents. That declaration, first drafted in 1997 by the Citizens’ Research Institute, is a legal document that enables parents to assert their rights in the children’s education at the local school level and to prohibit activist teachers from exposing their children to abusive programs like SOGI 123.

Video from the August 29th rally.

Transcript of Gay and Transgender Research, by Paul Dirks.

“Parents have a right to know what their children are being taught, and children have the right to be protected from abusive programs,” Kari Simpson told that rally, as she exposed the SOGI 123 initiative to concerned parents and grandparents at a rally which authorities and a handful of protesters had tried to prevent from happening.

Moderating the August 29 meeting was television personality Laura-Lynn Tyler-Thompson, who told the crowd of about 250 people that she had been the target of hate messages on her Facebook page, only because she supports parental rights in education.

sogi rally

Also speaking on the panel was Pastor Paul Dirks from New Westminster, who has been named Lead Researcher for the new organization, Parents United for Canada (PUC). He summarized detailed information from peer-reviewed journals to show that the Ministry of Education’s proposed SOGI 123 curriculum, to be implemented this year in about 80 percent of BC schools, and soon after in all schools, public and private, is considered by many professionals to be dangerous to children. Among the points he made:

  • Fewer than one percent of children have feelings of Gender Dysphoria; and 86 percent of them will adjust normally to their birth gender after puberty;
  • The American College of Pediatricians says giving pre-pubescent children puberty blockers (which stunt growth) and cross-sex hormone ‘therapy’ (which will render the child sterile) is “child abuse”;
  • Parents, doctors and teachers who reinforce children’s feelings of Gender Dysphoria may be locking them into a delusion.
  • Patients who migrate to a different gender than their DNA have a suicide rate 20 TIMES higher than the general population.
  • Suicide and psychological problems in ‘gay’-friendly locales like Holland, Sweden and San Francisco are as much higher than normal as anywhere else—refuting propaganda that social rejection is the cause of such maladies.

Simpson told the Langley rally that a private ‘charity’, the ARC Foundation—whose trustee, Robert Quartermain, gave more than $200,000 in donations to the BC Liberals’ election campaign—had reached an agreement with the former Liberal Minister of Education, Mike Bernier, to promote the SOGI agenda in all schools in the province.

The ARC Foundation also funds the Queer Film Festival, known for promotion of ‘gay’ porn and radical political agendas aligned with SOGI.

The SOGI political cult’s agenda is also being actively promoted right now in Alberta, Ontario and across Canada, Simpson said.

Before the Langley rally, and handful of SOGI supporters had stood with placards outside the door. They were invited in to join the rally, and a few accepted.

In her opening remarks, Laura-Lynn Tyler-Thompson directly addressed the handful of dissidents, saying: “Clearly, by the amount of people here tonight and the passionate reaction on social media, tonight’s topic has hit a nerve for many people. We want you to know that we’re excited that you’re here tonight, whether you’re in agreement or not in agreement; all are welcome.”

Kari Simpson told Laura-Lynn: “I’ve enjoyed following your Facebook thread, and watching the grace and patience and kindness extended to people who I think at times are well-intentioned—but there are also some who are not well-intentioned; there are people out there who have an agenda in hand, and [turning to the audience] it involves your children and your grandchildren…

“I’m going to speak, and Pastor Paul will speak, on the research and the scientific data—the facts—associated with issues involved in SOGI…

Simpson also spoke of the work of and its new national agency, Parents United Canada (PUC), which has promised to help parents defend their rights in the education of their children by providing them with information, guidance and even legal assistance.

Simpson described in detail how parents’ rights and interests have been ignored, and they have been deceived in the implementation of the SOGI agenda.

And she challenged the legality of the SOGI agenda, citing its blatantly political nature, which she said violates the portion of the School Act that mandates that public education must be “non-sectarian”; that term invalidates political, as well as religious sectarianism, she said. And she highlighted several aspects of the SOGI agenda that are clearly politically motivated.

Simpson said she was at a Langley School Board meeting in June “and it became rather clear to me that even our school trustees don’t have a clue what’s going on. And that’s concerning, because they’re supposed to be there to protect our interests and the interests of our children…

“But like so many things in BC education, that trust, that place of protection is circumvented…”

Simpson quoted directly from some of the SOGI lesson plans, providing examples of how SOGI is going to alter children’s sense of their sexual identity.

“In kindergarten—kindergarten!—teachers are instructed to tell children ‘gay is when two men love each other.’  Teachers are then instructed to ask children to imagine what it would be like to have two moms or two dads as parents.”

Simpson then talked about the redefinition of the term ‘gender’—now deemed by some to be only a result of societal pressure, not genetics. In grades 4 and 5, children will be taught that gender is a choice, and that they can choose to be a girl, boy “or somewhere in between”—again, quoting from the SOGI literature.  Students will be required to learn the “common language” of political correctness and adhere to it: “terms like ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ or ‘boys and girls’ are now verboten in the classroom.”

A Langley Chapter of PUC (Parents United Canada) has been formed and membership is increasing at a rapid pace.  PUC Langley joins other chapters that have already formed across the Lower Mainland.

Contact: Kari Simpson

(604) 514-1614


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