Abbotsford School District Dismisses Parental Concerns and Places Children at Risk

“Under B.C. law you have a duty to report your concerns if you have reason to believe a child or youth has been or is likely to be, abused or neglected. “Reason to believe” means that, based on what you have seen or information you have, you believe a child or youth could be at risk and you are concerned about the child’s/youth’s safety and well-being. The duty to report includes youth who are under the age of 19.”

Instead of working with parents to prevent sexual abuse in Canadian K-12 schools, the Abbotsford School District is demanding proof of sexual abuse and grooming behaviour in their district. This dismisses parental concerns and places children at risk.

The board’s failure to address the very real issue of sexual abuse in Canadian K-12 schools, as numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations reported, is deeply concerning.

Their lack of understanding about the importance of proactive prevention measures is unacceptable. Rather than taking proactive steps to protect our children and build trust with concerned parents, the board’s insistence on demanding proof perpetuates a culture of negligence and disbelief.

By ignoring the valid concerns of parents and demanding evidence, the board effectively conveys the message that parents must wait for a tragedy to occur before they take action.

This approach not only undermines parents’ confidence in the school system but also leaves children in a vulnerable and potentially dangerous situation. The board must recognize the importance of prevention, collaboration with parents, and a commitment to creating a safe educational environment.

This disregard for parental concerns and the insistence on proof before taking action sends a dangerous message to potential abusers that they can operate with impunity. Our children’s safety is paramount, and the board should actively work with parents to implement comprehensive preventative measures rather than waiting for proof of abuse.

In their quest for evidence, the board fails to acknowledge that many cases of abuse go unreported or unnoticed, leaving countless children at risk. The board needs to listen to parents, take their concerns seriously, and actively work to ensure the safety and well-being of all students. The board’s current approach demonstrates a lack of empathy and an alarming disregard for the potential harm that may befall our children while they await ‘proof’ of a problem that shouldn’t be tolerated in the first place.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that the board is well aware of the existence of grooming material in schools and has had previous cases of abuse within the district. Despite this knowledge, they continue to demand proof, which raises a serious red flag about this board’s truth intent.

Protecting an institution is not a valid defense against failing to report medical, mental, physical, and sexual abuse done to children. The safety and well-being of our children should always be the top priority, and those who neglect their duty to protect them should be liable.

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