A Transman’s Unexpected Thoughts on Trans* Related Issues: Scott Newgent

July 7, 2021

Scott is a fully transitioned 48 year old FtM transman with 3 teenage kids, and he’s pretty fired up about how the medical industry has failed our trans*-identified kids.

Scott holds some pretty unpredictable views. Though he’s a transman, he believes that trans*-identified kids are in no position to transition, and that parents of trans* kids should not use their pronouns or do anything that would encourage their transition. In fact, Scott is very critical of several aspects of trans* ideologies and is passionate about the truth of human nature and the medical pros and cons about transitioning.

Scott is the founder and president of Trans Rational Educational Voices (https://www.trevoices.com), an organization aimed at helping to stop medical transitioning for trans* identified kids (among other things).

SOURCE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zazsZ_HO3LM

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